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Hire software that helps you effortlessly run a world-class rental business

Ideal for hire businesses of all sizes with single or multiple depots, inspHire Office Edition is the perfect rental solution to help you reach the next level. Developed by award-winning industry experts with over 20+ years’ experience, inspHire Office is packed full of powerful, flexible features that make running your entire hire business simple. Not only can you enable your preferred systems to work together seamlessly, but you can also digitise all of your rental processes – so you can save time, costs and capture a true picture of your utilisation and ROI on your equipment with this futureproof solution.

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Our world-class rental software includes these features:

Smooth hire & sales order processing

Smooth hire & sales order processing

Deliver a speedy service with inspHire Office! In a busy hire company, efficiency is the key in order to book your assets out accurately and maintain high-profit margins. From pricing up jobs in seconds to instant access to your rental data, confidently commit to contracts and bookings without hesitation and most importantly, win new business by delivering world-class hire services.

  • You can take quick over-the-counter cash sales or create quotes which seamlessly convert into contracts.
  • Advanced functions allow you to drill-down into any area related to the contract easily.
  • Smoothly manage cross-hires, exchanges, suspensions and lost or damaged hire equipment.
Accounting and finance

Streamlined accounting & finance

inspHire Office seamlessly integrates with hundreds of accounting packages and ERP software, delivering a fast and reliable solution that helps improve your cash flow. inspHire Office Edition also reduces the administrative burden of manually entering transactions. Therefore, input accuracy increases, and you can redeploy staff resources elsewhere to strengthen your overall operation.

  • Accurately produce thousands of hire & sales invoices in minutes and email invoices to customers on a mass scale.
  • Create purchase orders for new equipment, stock, third-party transport and cross-hires.
  • Track till activity, run your end-of-day routine and calculate deposits, payments and refunds.

Our integrated web trading platform


Businesses can sell online quickly with our cloud-based ecommerce platform. Easy to use, companies have everything they need to sell successfully to B2B and B2C markets.

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Warehouse Management

Logistics planning & management

inspHire Office helps you say goodbye to the stress of managing the whereabouts of your hire equipment. With the Transport Planner, you can effortlessly plan and coordinate the movement of every asset while coordinating drivers to arrive at the right place at the right time (and with the correct paperwork). With one user-friendly interface, optimising your fleet has never been easier. 

  • Use drag and drop functionality to manage deliveries, collections & depot transfers and plan your journeys.
  • Direct integration to inspHire Mobile’s driver app ensures checklists can be carried out and digital proof of delivery & collection are obtained.
  • Easily re-organise transport tasks when the situation changes.

Our integrated apps include

InspHire CRM

Understanding your customers and establishing positive relationships with them is crucial to thrive in today's market. To help you achieve this, we've created inspHire CRM, a tailored and user-friendly customer relationship management solution designed specifically for the rental industry.

With inspHire CRM, you can understand your clientele better to identify how to create mutually beneficial relationships.

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InspHire Mobile

inspHire Mobile is a reliable and convenient solution that allows you to effortlessly complete tasks on the move and access hiring information anytime, anywhere. With this mobile app, your team can leverage its advanced tools to boost connectivity, minimise paper usage, and streamline work processes.

Whether on a job site or out of the Office, inspHire Mobile empowers you never to miss a beat.

Learn more about inspHire Mobile
Stock effectively to meet demand & protect your margins

Stock effectively to meet demand & protect your margins

The key to running a successful hire business is having the necessary assets to meet demand. At the same time, it's essential to identify what equipment isn't earning money, so you can better optimise your stock. With inspHire Office, you can access various innovative tools that meet customer expectations, secure repeat business, and better protect your profit margins.

  • Real-time updates let you see your available equipment through at-a-glance 'traffic light' displays.
  • Full stock management functionality allows you to track parts and consumables via an audit trail.
  • By monitoring min & max stock levels, you can replenish assets to meet demand while protecting margins.
Operator and resource scheduler

Operator and resource scheduler

Using our efficient operator and resource scheduling tool means you can streamline your resource management procedures and transition to a paperless operation. From easily tracking how many hours each operator is working via digital timesheets, to easily assigning jobs to different shifts through the calendar view – you can always be one step ahead.

  • Cross-reference each operator's licenses, certificates and qualifications against their job assignments.
  • Improve communication throughout your hire business with the instant transfer of data.
  • Ensure accuracy in billing, invoicing and payroll with two-step authorisation.
Pinpoint asset tracking

Pinpoint asset tracking

Integrating Google Maps into your rental software, the Asset Tracker makes monitoring your equipment's whereabouts a breeze. inspHire Office takes asset tracking by bringing telematics data from a variety of best-in-class providers including Trackunit, JCB LiveLink, and CanTrack. All telematics data unifies into one centralised location. As a result, you get an easy-to-use tracking tool that allows you to search for equipment with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Define a radius for each depot to optimise equipment utilisation, depot transfers and the cross-hire of assets.
  • Drill into items to see specific information, off-hire equipment details, or extend contracts (and easily filter to find items awaiting collection that are still being used).
  • Filter by depot, asset category, and hire contract status to refine the map view and gain better visibility.

Our close integrations with partners include


Phocas is a cloud-based business intelligence application that uses data to display instant analytics, forecasts, budgets & comprehensive statements that are fully up-to-date.

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Worldpay logo

Trusted by over one million merchants worldwide, these simple card payment solutions get customers paid so they can focus on keeping their business great.

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Via cloud technology, Vecta Sales Intelligence & CRM is the mobile app that empowers sales teams to maximise their performance and achieve their full earning potential.

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Service, maintenance & repair

Service, maintenance & repair

Keeping track of your rental equipment's service, maintenance, and repair can take time and effort. Luckily, with the Workshop feature fully integrated into inspHire Office, you can easily schedule equipment for service, repair, and test its functionality. Staying on top of the repair's status and cost is easy, too. Consequently, you can ensure all your assets are ready to rent out to meet demand.

  • Allocate parts and labour to jobs, and create breakdown jobs quickly so engineers visit sites as soon as possible.
  • Carry out minor or major repairs and services for your equipment and customer-owned equipment.
  • Use the historical archive to see your hire equipment's performance and which customers cause the most repairs.
Complete control & visibility

Complete control & visibility

The design of inspHire allows you to view and control your entire hire process at-a-glance. You can manage your equipment, contracts, workshop jobs, and more, all from a single user-friendly interface that gives you complete visibility of all your equipment. You can see what you need to but simultaneously manage every aspect of the finer details should you want. 

  • See a detailed overview of equipment availability for now and in the future, including availability in other hire depots.
  • See the quantity of your equipment, location, history, and return date to plan and maximise utilisation.
  • Attach files such as specification sheets, brochures, test certificates and much more for an outstanding service.

Want to learn what we can do for your business?

Integrated dashboards-&-reports

Dashboards & reports

Our performance tracking system simplifies complex business analysis by providing real-time data and critical sales and hiring information in an easy-to-read format. You can quickly assess your business's progress with weekly, monthly, and annual performance reports. Plus, you can customise your reports to show the information that matters most to you and make informed business decisions.

  • Choose from reports like Financial to Operational or Business-critical and send them to customers or colleagues.
  • Instantly see the utilisation and ROI of your hire equipment with the powerful asset analysis report.
  • Gain an in-depth insight into all areas with web-based dashboards that display vital statistics.

Other popular features that can further improve your business processes


WebPortal is a user-friendly web interface that allows your business to offer automated service 24/7. By granting customers access to view and amend contracts, you can reduce the workload of rental desk staff and empower customers to serve themselves. WebPortal puts customers in control and enhances their experience.

Quick invoicing

Improve your invoicing process by sending invoices in bulk or setting up recurring invoicing. With inspHire's integration with Tradex, you can trade electronically, eliminating laborious data entry, preventing human error, and keeping a record of information. This feature speeds up your invoicing process and makes your business more efficient.

Document storage

With Scan to PDF, you can quickly scan many documents or do so one at a time. These can then be attached to equipment or contracts. Accessing stored documents is also easy, and you can conveniently send business documents to many different locations with just a click of a button. Or re-print or email copy documents to customers.

Smart view reminders

Ensure you always remember important tasks by setting automatic reminders for your hire contracts, sales orders, purchase orders, workshop jobs, services, and inspections. These reminders will instantly provide you with relevant information, making your work more efficient while improving levels of customer service.

Data protection / GDPR

inspHire offers you the vital tools to help you comply with GDPR regulations. You can limit access for specific users, track a detailed audit trail of all actions taken, search for particular data within the system, and manage large-scale editing or deletion of data. As a result, you can face the future confident that all your customer data is protected.

Route planning functionality

With inspHire Office, you can efficiently plan, manage, and optimise your service runs with ease and precision. The software features integrated web-based mapping, enabling you to schedule recurring or one-off site visits, mark hire equipment for servicing, and calculate travel times. With inspHire Office, you can save costs and run a more professional service.

inspHire API

inspHire's mature API integration simplifies operations, increases productivity, and improves customer satisfaction. Our API connects different systems for real-time data synchronization, automated workflows, and better communication resulting in faster resource allocation, processes and a competitive market edge.

PAT testing

Via SimplyPats, you can effortlessly record and save PAT test results in inspHire. This feature guarantees that your rental equipment is always compliant with the law. Also, you can identify due or overdue tests, generate certificates for equipment, maintain a comprehensive record of all test results, and monitor the history of PAT-tested equipment.