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Versatile, market-leading business management software for the automotive aftermarket

Autopart is the ultimate software solution for businesses that manage automotive parts. It caters to the needs of single and multi-location motor factors, parts retailers, suppliers, importers and warehouse distributors by seamlessly integrating all the necessary processes they need. A sample of these includes powerful sales orders, stock management tools, and comprehensive accounting and reporting features that integrate into one essential, highly customisable and user-friendly package.

Everything you need to manage your automotive business

Autopart's impressive point-of-sale features maximise sales for your business.

Powerful point-of-sale software to maximise sales

Autopart's highly customisable point-of-sale (POS) screens provide instant access to valuable business information so users can view vital customer and product details at a glance. Additionally, it's easy to deliver superior customer service by quickly finding the correct parts using our integrated electronic parts catalogue, Autocat.

  • With one click, staff can access real-time inventory availability, special pricing, and alternative products.
  • Product images and specifications display on the POS screen, assisting sales and improving customer experience.
  • You can add promotions and accept online or in-store payments for collected, delivered, and direct orders.
KCS UK deliver automotive software that helps you enhance product and price management.

Enhanced product and price management

Enhance your counter sales and improve the customer experience with advanced sales and purchase order capabilities. Autopart's highly configurable point-of-sale screens provide instant access to valuable business information.

  • Preferences give total control over product categories and the display of search results, so you always find what you need.
  • Flexible screen displays and automated reporting provide easy customer and product performance access.

Without such a user-friendly and fast system, we would need more sales staff and more drivers. So, Autopart ultimately makes us more profitable!

Jason Farrugia – Director, Titan Motor Factors

Autopart is an automotive ERP system with integrated accounting functionality.

Integrated accounting functionality

Autopart's accounting capabilities simplify financial maintenance and administration with a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to your requirements. So, there's no need to find another accounting software package that can work alongside. Autopart's accounting functionality is fully integrated, adding another layer of efficiency and control to your operations.

  • Accounts receivable, accounts payable, electronic invoicing, and general ledger are all fully integrated within Autopart.
  • Sophisticated and powerful functionality eliminates manual data entry and reconciliation, helping you save time and money.
  • Innovative accounting features simplify credit control, collections, reporting, and more.
KCS automotive ecommerce solutions allow you to trade successfully online and access new markets.

Professional and successful ecommerce made easy

With Autopart, it's quick and easy to transition your business online with our ecommerce solutions that can help you sell to either trade or consumers. So, if you want to enhance your web presence in B2B or B2C markets, our comprehensive products fully integrate with Autopart. That way, you get a professional ecommerce interface that perfectly synchs with your ERP system.

  • Access to pricing, stock availability & account self-service (like PODs or invoices) delivers outstanding customer service.
  • Our sophisticated API helps you integrate with third-party web solutions to take advantage of digital opportunities.

Our integrated web trading platforms


Businesses can sell online quickly with our cloud-based ecommerce platform. Easy to use, companies have everything they need to sell successfully to B2B and B2C markets.

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Autopart from KCS UK gives you complete control over your stock management to improve profitability.

Comprehensive stock management tools

All successful automotive businesses must optimise stock utilisation and reduce obsolescence. That's why Autopart's powerful and intuitive stock management features ensure you always have an accurate, up-to-date view of current stock levels. In addition, it's also easy to track the cost to your business with detailed data that helps you keep on top of demand.

  • Analysis tools offer extra functionality, like recalculating min & max stock levels based on sales history & forecast trends.
  • Automatically track your stock from goods received to dispatch, accounting for everyday adjustments such as returns and credits.
Autopart allows you to optimise your inventory across all sites within your UK enterprise.

Optimise your inventory to improve profit margins

Autopart puts you in total control of your stock levels and, in terms of monitoring, does all the heavy lifting so you can focus your attention elsewhere. You set the desired stocking level for a branch or region by adjusting parameters that make sense for the product line or supplier. Then, the system considers the historical demand for each part and recommends stocking quantities based on the desired settings.

  • The system can also consider supplier lead time and order frequency and save them for future calculations.
  • Ordering boxed quantities & suggested bulk purchases ensures you reduce costs while optimising stock levels and reducing waste.
  • Multi-sourcing, purchase promotions & best-buy analysis identify the most economical supplier to maximise your profit margins.

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Autopart from KCS UK allows automotive businesses to run a more efficient and profitable warehouse.

Deliver greater efficiencies in your warehouse

Autopart's Warehouse Management System is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to optimise their processes, minimise errors, and effortlessly track inventory in real time. Our scanning devices allow staff to receive, put away, pick and pack parts quickly and accurately. As a result, you get highly reliable physical and cycle counts, which makes your automotive warehouse business run seamlessly like never before.

  • Significantly improve inventory accuracy and help ensure that customers always receive what they ordered.
  • Autopart WMS also tracks parts accurately and efficiently from arrival to departure.
  • Other features inc. multiple bin locations, cross-docking for efficiency and pallet consolidation.

Other popular features that can further improve your business processes

Extensive product management

Supports boxed quantities and bulk sales, quantity breaks, kits and components, and product grouping and classification.

Comprehensive pricing module

Allows wholesale, retail, and customer-specific terms, contract pricing, psychological pricing, velocity pricing, and sales promotions/campaigns.

Integrated sales order processing

Take advantage of barcode scanning, label printing, vendor and customer cross-referencing, transaction and bin card inquiries, etc.

Powerful ordering routines

Includes suggested ordering, secondary vendor sourcing, inter-store transfers, kit purchasing, quantity breaks, seasonal forecasting, and special orders.

Automatically track inventory

From goods receiving to deallocation and dispatch, electronic bin cards record (audit trail) each movement or transaction.

Comprehensive usage analysis

Ability to recalculate minimum and maximum inventory levels based on sales history and forecasted demand.

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