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Secure cloud solutions built around your business

Our trusted cloud services deliver all the benefits of cloud computing. As your distribution or wholesale business grows, you can scale your cloud solution accordingly. Plus, you can enjoy full remote working, regular data backups, and enhanced protection from cyber threats. Also, by consolidating services and allowing us to handle it all on your behalf, you'll reduce stress and minimise your level of risk.

KCS cloud solutions help enhance security for your vital business data.

Safeguard your business with improved security protection

Cyber threats are a real risk to any business, so it’s never been more important to protect your data from viruses and ransomware attacks. Our dedicated experts work 24/7 using best practices to provide an improved layer of protection for your business.

  • We use best practices in authentication, access control and encryption to keep your data safe.
  • Your data resides in data centres that offer physical protection from fire, flood, or other disasters.
  • Face the future with a robust service provider that runs on practically zero downtime.
Delegate the running of your IT business to the professionals.

Professional IT services

Businesses can't afford to run on manual or outdated processes. Future-proofing your IT is key, especially if you want an enhanced level of protection from cyber threats. That's why our dedicated experts use the latest best practices to keep your business running safely & securely.

  • Use your resources more effectively as you save time and money entrusting your IT estate to experts.
  • Future-proof your IT estate on the latest cloud server with dedicated teams fine-tuning its performance.
  • Never worry about running or maintaining backups, with services that ensure your data is always kept safe.

KCS cloud solutions mean we can have staff working securely from any location as opposed to travelling between the head office and a local server. So, we can work flexibly and quickly without worrying about the effects of any local server disruption.

Darren House, Grant & Stone

At KCS UK, our services help you scale efficiently.

Streamlined hosting that scales with your business

When you use our agile cloud-hosted ERP systems, your business is free to unleash the potential of scale. So, as your system grows, KCS cloud services allow you to tap into unlimited resources. Also, we handle all the back-end details, ensuring you get a scalable, smart, and professional IT solution.

  • Adapt to changing circumstances and expand without paying for local skills & hardware.
  • All you need is a network connection – all your end-user devices connect to one centrally-hosted solution.

What is a cloud solution?

Cloud computing describes the delivery of hosted services over the internet rather than through traditional in-house hosting (usually on your own premises). The primary benefits of using cloud computing software are below:

Remove the cost and risk of running servers on-site

Unlike on-site solutions, cloud computing offers no up-front capital expenses. Instead, users typically pay by the month or user and only pay for the resources they require as a business. So, cloud computing reduces capital outlay with predictable operational costs.

A secure, resilient environment for critical systems

You don’t have to create back-ups or deal with computer breakdowns with cloud computing software. Instead, your team can save files automatically to the cloud, and employees can use their personal computers and handheld devices to gain access to securely stored data.

Allow user access from any location, 24/7

The cloud is everywhere, so you can connect to your remote cloud-based server wherever you are. Be that in the warehouse, depot, or your home or customer’s address. As a result, your staff can enjoy full flexibility in how they work, increasing overall productivity.

Scalability that fits around your business needs

Over time, your computing capabilities need to increase and decrease for various reasons. Depending on your requirements, you can scale more easily with the cloud. For example, new users and extra storage capacity are simply added to your plan and added instantly.

It's easier to comply with government regulations

As a business, there are many rules and regulations that you must adhere to (like the data protection laws of GDPR, for example.) When running IT systems for yourself, the responsibility lies with you. But with cloud computing, we manage all this for you.

It allows you to focus on running your business

Monitoring your IT systems on-site is time-consuming and expensive when you have a business to run. A cloud service provider takes this inconvenience away from you and uses their skills and experience to keep your IT infrastructure working smoothly.

KCS solutions integrate and manage a whole range of business tasks, including:

Remote backup &


Low start-up


Managed virtual


Affordable per
user rental


Secure data

Key benefits of cloud solutions

Collaborate with other cloud applications

Scale infrastructure fast & increase capacity

Low start-up cost with no upfront expense

Managed servers with professional expertise

Secure data storage & automatic back-ups

Reliable costs with one fixed monthly fee

Interact with your system anywhere online

Robust data recovery so you’re always safe

See sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand

Switching your IT infrastructure to the KCS cloud means you can reduce the environmental impact of your business. So, you eliminate the need to buy and replace hardware, and your ERP systems run on energy-efficient servers that require less cooling.

  • Reduce energy consumption as there’s no need for air conditioning in on-site server rooms.
  • Cut down on the amount of waste you produce by no longer replacing outdated on-site server hardware.
  • Operate with a lower carbon footprint by using our existing, energy-efficient data centres.

Cloud solution software

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