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K8 underpins growth strategy at Terry Howell

According to Craig Mayor, MD at Terry Howell Timber & Builders Merchant, there aren’t enough words to describe the changes he expects the implementation of K8 software will make to the business!

Accepting that it will entail a huge transformation in the working practices of many of his team, he believes the benefits, in terms of visibility and accuracy across all business processes, will far outweigh any initial challenges caused by the introduction of a modern ERP system.

Stock control and reporting are the areas in which Craig is anticipating the biggest changes. “Having a suite of reports produced from our sales figures will enable me to keep my finger on the pulse of the business,” he said. “And to have total visibility of all of our stock within the system will be a massive benefit. We run a complex business and buy in huge volumes of timber. We’ll be able to accurately track it as packs get broken down and the timber is moved around the business to make different products. I’m also looking forward to the ability to manage and monitor our trade accounts more efficiently and accurately, particular in terms of pricing and credit control.”

Craig has already created a new website for the business which offers customers delivered or collected online sales. “We may integrate this with K8 but that will be a project for the future,” he said. Similarly, he’s keen to adopt other digital solutions offered by Kerridge CS such as the ePOD app, which would process deliveries by the company’s fleet of 16 vehicles, but these developments will follow implementation of the core package.

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We chose K8 because of how its functionality is geared to our type of business, particularly around trading timber, but also because of the expertise of the individuals from the Kerridge CS team who presented it to us.

- Craig Mayor, Managing Director, Terry Howell


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