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All Trades Supplies

Builders’ merchants business continue their onwards and upwards journey with K8.

Vertical: Distribution
Industry: Roofing, plumbing and heating
Product: K8
All Trades Supplies team in front of premise.

Founded just over a year ago, All Trades Supplies has emerged as a dynamic builders' merchants business, supplying a comprehensive range of materials, with a primary focus on general building materials along with specialist ranges in Roofing, Civils and Plumbing & Heating. The company faced the monumental task of building their operations from the ground up, but Kerridge Commercial Systems’ K8 software has offered a robust, fully integrated ERP solution tailored to meet the company’s unique needs.

Using two decades of industry experience to his advantage, Luke Owen has taken on a vast spectrum of responsibilities within his role as Commercial Director. When choosing a software solution, he, along with the team at All Trades Supplies, evaluated various options, ultimately deciding on K8. Luke recalls: "KCS (Kerridge Commercial Systems) got my vote because of the flexibility and functionality within K8 alongside its user friendly interface and I liked the fact that there was a big team of specialist people behind the software. When talking to them about various scenarios they had a good understanding of merchanting and their specialist area.”

The “straight-forward nature of K8's navigation and the understanding KCS demonstrated of the builders' merchants industry” additionally played a pivotal role in their decision-making process.
Luke Owen, Commercial Director of All Trades Supplies

The integration of K8 marks a beneficial step in digitising the business; enhancing efficiency, whilst allowing All Trades Supplies to achieve a higher level of control and visibility across their supply chain. The software's intuitive sales order process not only simplifies order processing but also contributes to improved financial management, as confirmed by Luke: “The sales order system is so simple to use and provides efficiencies that allow more time to focus on our customers and their needs."

This feature optimises stock, links selling prices to cost prices, streamlines data upload, facilitates direct customer communication and dynamically adjusts stock levels. As a result, businesses can make informed pricing decisions and adapt quickly to market changes.

Another noteworthy aspect of the software lies in its potential to facilitate the strategic reallocation of staff to positions that better align with the company’s envisioned future. K8 automates intricate tasks and background processes, liberating employees to focus on delivering outstanding service to customers. Luke envisions that its capabilities will pave the way for the company to "employ fewer people in the wrong roles and more people in the right roles, such as customer-facing ones."

All Trades Supplies employee outside inspecting stock.

K8's potential extends beyond the basics, offering a wealth of functionalities that the company has yet to fully explore. Looking ahead, the team aspires that it will assist All Trades Supplies in reaching new heights. "The software has built in efficiencies when it comes to updating price files and other manual process tasks within the system. It’s so in depth as well" Luke states. The software features the ability to integrate with various other KCS apps and web trading platforms , which is something All Trades Supplies will be reviewing as the business grows, as part of their digitisation strategy.

Transitioning to a digital system presented some challenges to begin with, especially for a team accustomed to traditional methods. Luke admitted that: "It’s always a challenge when adopting new ways of working and new IT systems but the team has fully embraced using the K8 system even though we had some challenges in the earlier days.” However, the collaboration with the KCS team became a testament to the power of teamwork and support. With professionals on-hand through the set-up process to offer advice and expertise, new users can rest assured that they’re in the best hands when navigating the complexities of transitioning to a digital system.

Whilst working alongside KCS, All Trades Supplies have been able to overcome challenges, setting the stage for a promising future in the competitive realm of builders' merchants. Reflecting on the collaboration with the KCS team, Luke concludes: “It’s been great for us to find a system that can help us out by doing the hard work in the background.” He adds: “ I certainly think K8 will make a lot of our processes a lot more efficient.”

At Kerridge Commercial Systems, we consistently aim to empower businesses and the fact that K8 has been able to do this for a relatively new business, such as All Trades Supplies, demonstrates its versatility as a solution tailor-made for a diverse range of enterprises. From simplifying the sales order system to streamlining efficiency in price updates, we’re thrilled that K8 has given this company a leverage in efficiency. We can’t wait to see how their journey continues.
James Mitchell, Managing Director of Kerridge Commercial Systems UK and Ireland

Their journey with K8 hasn’t just been about a software implementation; it's been a collaborative venture towards sustained success.


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