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K8 LV comprehensive ERP enabled smooth running for BI Europe Ltd

Food & Beverage


BI Europe Ltd


Customer: BI Europe Ltd


The Client’s Situation

BI Europe Ltd manufactures and supplies a variety of affordable condiments. Initially providing portion control condiments for the travel industry, expansion into the Retail, Food service and industrial clients has vastly contributed to them becoming an established worldwide brand.

They acquired a fully comprehensive ERP solution from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), which has successfully enabled the smooth running of their manufacturing & wholesale processes.

For decades prior to K8 LV, BI Europe Ltd had been using a normal server based ERP system, and as Priyan Dhutia, Head of Operations at BI explains: “this was fine for wholesale but we were in need of a complete manufacturing system”. It was at this stage that BI Europe Ltd undertook research into various comprehensive ERP systems, with the aim of finding an approachable company who could provide efficient, adaptable and affordable software. With K8 LV not having such a big brand name as their competitors, they were not even on BI Ltd’s radar to be considered at this stage. This was until they received a call from KCS’s Sales & Marketing Director who was able to offer the solution they had been searching for.

Kerridge Commercial Systems Software

K8 LV is a real-time system reacting to day to day changes which occur within the sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, along with providing live visibility of current and future stock. This system ticked all the required boxes and after detailed consideration and various software demos, KCS were instructed to help support BI Europe move forward as their new ERP supplier.

K8 LV being a fully integrated end to end solution, it provides BI Europe Ltd with various tools vital to their business, such as; Batch Traceability and Recipe Management.

Client Satisfaction

BI Europe Ltd is now a long standing client of KCS, utilising the system and other available modules such as MRP to help with planning and the efficient management of their processes. With a forever remarkable working relationship, the companies work together to provide BI Europe with a smooth operational system.

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We were really impressed with the presentation, time and effort they invested, the personalised system, price, the whole package.


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