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Fenton Packaging

Fenton Packaging reaps the benefits of Vecta’s sales analysis

Vertical: Distribution

Industry: Packaging stockist and distributor

Product: Vecta

Fenton Packaging

About Fenton Packaging

Fenton Packaging, a national packaging stockist and distributor, is reaping the benefits of up to-date, accurate insights into its sales activity after renewing its focus on Vecta over the past 12 months. The business intelligence (BI) tool is now benefiting every area of the organisation, saving considerable amounts of time and eliminating manual data input processes.

Jeremy Crawley, Sales Development Manager at Fenton Packaging, revealed that the system is now fully embedded across the business. The team are accessing the system more frequently and using the sales analysis tools effectively – all of which has been simplified by the rebuilding of a number of dashboards.

From day one, it’s been a case of ‘what do you want from your system?’ rather than ‘this is what we can give you’. We have configured the dashboards to provide us with all the information that is most valuable to us, whether it’s from a manager’s point of view, or one of the sales team.

Jeremy Crawley, Sales Development Manager at Fenton Packaging

Instant availability is Key

Vecta provides instant access to sales and customer data, and it is the instant availability of this information via the BI tool that makes it so invaluable to Fenton Packaging.

Previously, we were analysing monthly performance figures once that month had ended. Now, we’ve got much more time to react to trends, as we can easily see who has bought what, who hasn’t made a purchase and whether our margins are going up or down.

We can drill down into all the details we need. Vecta enables our staff to be more independent as there’s no one person who holds all the information. Instead, anyone can log in and see whatever they want to know in an easily accessible, visual format.

Jeremy Crawley, Sales Development Manager at Fenton Packaging

Key Benefits

  • Provides instant access to sales and customer data
  • Quick to deploy, easy to use
  • Up-to-date accurate insights into sales activity
  • Eliminates manual data input processes

One of the biggest advantages is that BI can be accessed remotely, which has improved the level of service Fenton Packaging can offer its customers.

You’ve got all the information in front of you while you’re talking to a client face to face or on the phone. It’s easy to see what they are buying, and what they’re paying, We don’t have to go away to find the information; Vecta makes sure you’ve got all that data to hand.

Jeremy Crawley, Sales Development Manager at Fenton Packaging

It is also now much easier for the team to locate the facts and figures they need. Previously, the company printed and stored physical copies of documents, and manually performed its sales analysis

The system has also helped Fenton Packaging identify any internal errors with its costings. When a product is showing a 100% margin, for example, it is now much simpler to see that the costs haven’t been inputted correctly. In addition, a sales manager can accurately track their area without having to reel off customer orders, while managers can create a report each morning to show where sales are at by territory or by margin.

Vecta allows us to understand and analyse our business. It’s a very, very good tool - user-friendly with great support. We’re very happy with it.

Jeremy Crawley, Sales Development Manager at Fenton Packaging


  • Remote access, has improved the level of service
  • Improved product margins allow more informed customer pricing
  • Sales manager can accurately track their area
  • Enhanced stock reporting to identify slow-moving items
  • Reducing the need for physical paper work


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