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Caswellsgroup power ahead with the latest K8, the ERP solution that underpins its digital strategy

Caswellsgroup, a leading supplier of industrial consumables, implemented K8, the flagship ERP solution from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) during the lockdown period and has not looked back since!

The K8 system was implemented remotely as nobody could physically visit the site when strict lockdown rules were in place. Although a new approach had to be adopted by all to deliver the project, it was a great success and brought immediate benefits to the business.

‘KCS took a pragmatic view of the project and how we would get it from A to B while not being on-site,’ says John Caswell, Project Manager. ‘The important thing we found throughout the process is that you don’t need to be a technical whizz to make the implementation a success - it really is intuitive, and the team were great to work with.’

James Platt, Operations Director, explains further. ‘I was part of the KCS team that delivered the K8 project into Caswells, and it was a pleasure to work with such like-minded individuals, despite the strange times in which we all found ourselves.’

Upgrade to the latest K8

Since joining Caswells, James has upgraded to the latest release of K8. ’We are an ambitious business, and we want to take complete advantage of all that K8 has to offer. Therefore, it just makes sense to implement these new functions and processes on the latest software release.'

‘That way, we know we’re taking advantage of all the latest innovations from KCS,’ James continues. ‘I’m a firm believer in the mantra “Get current, stay current” because it’s bad practice to let your core business system fall behind. And particularly as so much is changing so fast all around us!’

Digital solutions that add real value

Caswells have now embarked on the next stage of their digital journey, implementing the latest apps from KCS.

They have rolled out the K8 ePOD app, which enables drivers to download their delivery manifest and then be guided to each drop. When there, they can easily check off the goods while capturing signatures and any images and pictures that help confirm delivery. ‘There are huge benefits to having our drivers use ePOD,’ James says.

‘Not only does it make the delivery process much more straightforward, but it also ensures that once a delivery is confirmed, it’s immediately available for invoicing. If the driver finds an issue, they can immediately notify us via the app. We can then deal with the issue there and resolve it for our customer. The fact that the signed POD and images are immediately uploaded to our system means that we have instant access to this information in the event of a dispute.’

Extending its internet presence

Caswells is also planning to extend its web presence beyond the personalised portals that are currently offered to customers. It sees this as a core element of its digital strategy and wants to ensure that this is fully integrated with the core business platform.

‘K8’s openness is crucial to us,’ James explains. ‘We can utilise K8’s core APIs and other tools to integrate our web solutions seamlessly. So, we can avoid re-keying in transactions and avoid all of the potential errors. Also, it’s important customers see price and stock availability in real-time and know that the moment they place their orders, we are on it for them.’

Fast and accurate goods receipt

The eReceipts app enables the team to receive and book goods in a single action, ensuring that they are immediately registered. Additionally, any issues found can be notified electronically to the management team so they can take swift action. ‘eReceipts really makes a difference to our picking and backorder clearance process. We now find that inventory is available for picking throughout the day, not just when somebody finally gets around to booking the goods in at a terminal.’

Empowering the sales team

James is also planning to introduce the SalesRep Portal. This app enables the remote sales team to capture orders on their phone whilst visiting with a customer.

‘Too often, keying errors can arise when orders are emailed to the office and then keyed into the system. We want the customer’s order to be immediately available for processing as soon as a member of our sales team takes it. Not only will this remove errors, but it will also mean that we can get the goods to our customers in less time and deliver even greater customer service.

We have already delivered a wealth of information to our sales team to help them better understand our customers’ needs, so it just makes sense to automate this process fully. Naturally, they’re all really excited at the benefits this will bring.’

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