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Why choose cloud computing?

When implementing ERP software, one of the most important questions to answer is where you would like your system to be hosted.

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So why choose cloud computing? With one report suggesting that investment in SaaS and PaaS portion of cloud hardware and infrastructure software is projected to reach £42 billion by 2026, cloud is an option that can’t be ignored.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of hosted services over the internet, rather than in-house (your own premises). Although cloud hosting is seen by many as a recent phenomenon, its beginnings actually date back to the late 1950s.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

  1. Cost – Unlike on premise solutions, there are no large up front capital costs. Instead users typically pay by month or user and only pay for the resources that you require as a business.

  2. Flexibility – Over time your computing capabilities need to both increase and decrease for a variety of reasons. With cloud, you can scale both up and down depending on your requirements. Ideally you want a cloud solution that is scalable from 5 to 10,000 users.

  3. Better application delivery and management – According to a Aberdeen Group Study, 71% of businesses that implemented cloud solutions have experienced easier application management, and 45% of them are enjoying faster application deployment. If you are a company that is likely to need to run a large number of applications at once, then cloud is the answer.

  4. Compliance – As a business there are a great deal of rules and regulations that you must adhere to, (like data protection for example.) When running systems yourself, the responsibility lies with you to comply, but with cloud, service providers are likely to have teams in place to manage this for you.

  5. Concentrate on running your business – Monitoring your IT systems on-site is both time consuming and expensive when you have a business to run. A cloud service provider takes this inconvenience away from you and is on hand to offer practical and useful advice to keep your IT infrastructure working as efficiently as it can.

Whatever the size of your business, you can be sure that an investment in cloud technology is a positive step for your business.

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