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The Importance of Growth Management to a Business

Will new branches provide the promised service, your supply chain cope with new product lines, or an innovative sales channel justify the investment?

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Successful expansion demands total control over all your business streams and the flexibility to develop additional routes to market.

In order to fully understand the position your business is in now, and the scope for the future, you will require quality reporting using the most up-to-date figures that your systems can provide. Using comprehensive ERP Software, the data provided will be up-to-the-minute providing you with unambiguous reports that will give you the power to make informed decisions fast. When you need fast, powerful systems to provide the answers you should look at the modular K8 complete ERP software package to support your business ambitions.


If you are moving to an online store, i.e. selling products through your website, the K8 eCommerce and K8 Web Builder options are an excellent way to ensure it will work for you. As a secure and reliable system, it will help open up the opportunities presented by reaching a far wider audience through incremental sales in online trading. Ensuring the business ethos is prevalent through your website and store will also ensure that you are increasing your customer satisfaction. In turn, this will bring an increase in sales as word spreads through your digital footprint and consumer buy-in increases.


Upscaling your warehousing capability is a move that can have a huge impact on the availability of your products to the market. K8 Warehouse Management systems ensure there is tight control from receipt and replenishment to dispatch and delivery. Every stock item is accounted for. Technology has moved forward to incorporate handheld devices that scan QR or bar codes from individual items to pallet codes and automatically update the figures in the system. The efficiencies gained through a system that can take this information from purchasing through sales to delivery are invaluable to any business.

Financial Capabilities

The financial implications of any move to expand your business will always be the bottom line. Whether you have a £80 million turnover business or a small but growing enterprise, ensuring the funds are there to increase the capacity is essential. With the K8 fully integrated financial accounting management software your business can benefit from an adaptive system that will flex to meet increased customer numbers, transaction levels and business complexity while maintaining accuracy and ease of use. It will also help you understand the changing needs of your customers, and help to recognise how to profit from those needs.


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