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The powerful all-in-one ecommerce platform built for your industry

Web Builder is a rich and highly flexible content management system that helps you create smooth and professional websites. Customers can browse and purchase your products from any desktop or anywhere from an iOS or Android smart device. Plus, all your orders feed straight into your ERP system for processing and management. Whatever you want to do - and for whichever market you wish to target - Web Builder is the powerful all-in-one solution.

Intuitive setup and in-depth design and maintenance

Intuitive setup and in-depth design and maintenance

Web Builder is an advanced platform with numerous features to help you create a stunning and polished website that suits your business requirements. The design wizard on the main interface offers responsive themes and templates that make site creation easy and efficient. Additionally, you can easily customise the templates as per your preferences.

  • The main ‘WYSIWYG’ HTML editor lets you easily manage existing page layouts and add new pages.
  • Content management tools define what should appear, enabling you to make product categories and add customer reviews.
  • Add news, blogs, and FAQ page layouts to optimise customer experience and ranking.
Profitable online trading capability for worldwide trade

Profitable online trading capability for worldwide trade

With Web Builder, customers can access real-time product information from your ERP system to make enquiries and place orders 24/7. Transactions are then automatically recorded in your ERP system, eliminating the need for duplicate data input and ensuring that customer records and stock data are up-to-date.

  • Create an enjoyable online buying experience for your customer and strengthen your competitive advantage.
  • Web Builder ensures customers can browse and purchase smoothly on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop browser.
  • The software is designed with your industry in mind and caters to your business requirements.

Key benefits of Web Builder:

Trade with a complete B2B/B2C trading solution

Experience full real-time integration with your ERP system

Your ERP product catalogue synchronises in real-time

Extend sales channels to new and existing customers

Increase capacity with your current product range

Smartphone access allows for mobile purchases

Multi-site capability with shared product catalogue

Powerful stock and catalogue synchronisation

Powerful stock and catalogue synchronisation

At times, presenting your existing stock to new markets may be more profitable than creating new products. This scenario is where Web Builder becomes a valuable asset for your business, providing you with all the necessary tools to trade online successfully.

  • Optional courier integration means your ERP can integrate with TNT, UPS, FedEx, and many more.
  • Save time and money through the bulk upload facility, and get product images and details online in minutes rather than days.
  • Create logical category structures that users can search by drilling down or enquiring through the search bar.
Create a secure and professional trading experience

Create a secure and professional trading experience

Getting your products online on an attractive and smooth-running website is one thing. To truly facilitate sales online, customers need to trust your site enough to make secure financial transactions. Web Builder gives you sophisticated and integrated tools to trade securely and professionally with your customers, wherever they may be.

  • Avoid concerns about fraud with intelligent tools that allow for security features and customer authentication.
  • Web Builder’s Quick Cart allows customers to make rapid order placements using catalogue codes.
  • Order tracking updates customers on product dispatch status while email notifications confirm purchases.

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