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Techflow Flexibles

K8 Manufacturing proves essential for growth at Techflow Flexibles

Vertical: Distribution

Industry: Discrete Manufacturing

Product: K8

Techflow Flexibles

About Techflow Flexibles

Techflow Flexibles, based in Cramlington, is a market leader in the analysis, design, manufacture and supply of hoses for the oil and gas industry. The company’s customer base includes BP, Total and Samsung, with order values that can range up to £2m.

The company spent several months evaluating a number of alternative systems before choosing K8 Manufacturing - predominantly for its flexibility and tailoring capabilities - a standard system without the need for bespoke developments.

In addition, the company also appreciated that Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) knew the industry and how it operated, but also took the time and effort to understand Techflow Flexibles’ specific business processes.

'We needed to improve the quality of our processes for everyone’s benefit. It was also essential to have accurate, real-time management information covering all areas of the business,' Commercial Manager at Techflow Flexibles, Terry McDonnell said.

'To an extent, implementing the new system was a leap into the unknown,' explained Terry, 'but with the support of KCS, we were confident of achieving the results we were looking for.'

One step at a time

K8 Manufacturing went live in September 2012 and by taking a step-by-step approach to transform functions in each department, the company ensured that everyone was comfortable with each phase before rolling out the next module.

We took the decision to go for some quick wins, particularly in accounts and purchasing, and be able to demonstrate the benefits to everyone.

There were no major issues or stumbling blocks as we progressed, and virtually from day one, K8 Manufacturing began to prove its worth.

Terry McDonnell - Commercial Manager  at Techflow Flexibles

K8 Manufacturing delivering

There is little doubt that K8 Manufacturing is delivering the value and benefits that Techflow Flexibles require. More importantly, the company’s management team and staff are continuing to work hard on stretching the system’s wide-ranging capabilities to suit business requirements.

The job card and bill of materials functions give us complete control of every order and our production planning processes have been improved and are much easier to administer.

Terry McDonnell - Commercial Manager  at Techflow Flexibles


  • Stage-by-stage module introduction
  • Complete control of every order
  • Improved production planning
  • Lean manufacturing supported
  • Real-time management information
  • Better informed staff
  • Continuity with established processes
  • Full audit and traceability
  • A platform for growth and development

Just-in-time ordering from suppliers is saving the company money, resulting in lower stock holdings and at the same time, enables customer orders to be delivered on time – often a critical requirement and delays can have a considerable impact on production.

With K8 Manufacturing, our staff are now much better informed about what’s going on across the business, the system’s management information dashboards mean that our communications and decision making processes are much more efficient and accurate.

Terry McDonnell - Commercial Manager  at Techflow Flexibles

A significant aspect of implementing a new system is the extent to which a business has to adapt its processes to suit but for K8 Manufacturing, Techflow Flexibles found it to be a close fit.

'We were able to ensure continuity and the system’s capability in terms of audit and full traceability means that controls are much tighter now, particularly if an issue occurs. We are much more proactive than reactive to situations as they occur,' Terry said.

K8 Manufacturing is only but one part of the story. Fundamental to their strategy is how KCS are continuing to partner alongside Techflow Flexibles in their use of the system as the business evolves.

We are going through an exciting phase of development and change for the company. It is particularly reassuring to know that no matter what, we can call upon the KCS team to support us as we move forward. We have a trusted and valued relationship which is working very well.

Terry McDonnell - Commercial Manager  at Techflow Flexibles


  • Complete control of every order
  • More efficient decision-making
  • A trusted and valued relationship


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