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Hargreaves Foundry

Hargreaves Foundry advances with K8 Manufacturing

Vertical: Distribution

Industry: Process Manufacturing

Product: K8

Hargreaves Foundry

About Hargreaves Foundry

A Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) customer since 2011, Hargreaves Foundry specialises in the manufacture and distribution of cast iron products. Having diversified and expanded its products to service customers’ changing requirements, the company implemented K8 Manufacturing to take the business forward. Payback benefits include a 17% stock reduction and substantial customer service improvements.

Requirement of a new system

Hargreaves Foundry had outgrown its previous computer system; the business had expanded from 200 to 5,000 SKUs (stock-keeping units) in a relatively short period of time. Lacking depth and breadth of capabilities, the system’s performance had degraded and transactions required excessive manual intervention.

Its limitations were affecting the business; management information and stock control were two priorities for us.

We reviewed three ERP solutions and chose K8 Manufacturing for its comprehensive integrated functionality; a platform for the future.

Helen Thornber - Group Finance Manager  at Hargreaves Foundry

Preparations and planning

Detailed, thorough planning and a flexible approach were keys to a successful implementation. In addition, learning the software, data quality, housekeeping, conversion and creating new detail were an essential part of the project.

Helen explained that 'The Business Process Mapping review carried out by KCS established a detailed understanding of our business; a lead-in to setting up the system.' 

'Being able to fine-tune K8 Manufacturing to our methods in parallel to adopting proven ‘best practice’ processes, was a real positive,' continued Helen.


  • Greater functionality
  • More efficient SOP
  • Better customer service
  • Reduced stock holding
  • Demand forecasting
  • Improved management info
  • Supporting future needs

An investment for the future

Focussing on the system’s most tangible benefits, customer service features strongly for Hargreaves Foundry. Being able to process orders from national customers with multiple points of delivery, into a single invoice point, is a major time saver. Likewise, accommodating line-by-line discount structures also ensures accurate pricing.

'Stock holdings have been reduced by around 17% - with greater visibility, demand forecasting and max/min functionality,' explained Helen, 'Lead times on standard items have also been shortened by at least two days; made possible by having two months’ supply of finished goods available in the picking area - replenished from bulk storage.'

With improvements in stock record accuracy, our ‘on time in full delivery performance’, which we were unable to properly measure before, is up from around 95% to over 99%

Helen Thornber - Group Finance Manager at Hargreaves Foundry

The company now has a fully detailed transaction history, management reporting has been enhanced and with a modern integrated system in place, and there’s more to come. CRM, EDI, barcoding and extending the bill of materials applications are among the developments Hargreaves Foundry have as medium and long term work-in-progress.

K8 Manufacturing was the right choice for us, it is not a difficult system to learn and the great thing is that we can grow with it.

Helen Thornber - Group Finance Manager at Hargreaves Foundry


  • Business growth and development
  • Strategic need for a new system
  • Efficiency improvements identified
  • Comprehensive process review
  • Swift user acceptance


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