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Maintain full fleet compliance with the comprehensive tyre inspection solution

Working in conjunction with a smart device and any internet browser, InfoRoute is the ultimate tyre fleet inspection solution for successful service providers. Designed for speed and ease of use, it gives tyre fitters and fleet managers a comprehensive solution that helps ensure tyre life is optimised, which saves you money and helps you stay compliant. With complete cloud capability and the ability to integrate with any manufacturer's fleet management software, InfoRoute is your trusted one-stop solution to manage your fleet effectively.


The quick and easy way to ensure you stay compliant

In the current climate, fleets must demonstrate to the relevant authorities that their tyre maintenance is compliant. With the DVSA performing UK roadside inspections at random, fleets must operate safely without the prospect of fines or points applied to their operation license. InfoRoute is our bespoke and market-leading solution that gives you all the tools to stay compliant and monitor tyre performance across your fleet by location and vehicle.

  • Effortlessly manage your fleet inspections and always comply with industry standards and regulations.
  • It's easy to see the last inspection date or drill down to see tyre tread depths or check if any identified work is complete.
  • InfoRoute's API also integrates with the leading tyre manufacturers' systems, creating a one-stop solution for your business.

Fully monitor tyre performance to win more business

At KCS, we know how vital it is for successful tyre service providers to secure new business from fleet customers. After all, if you can show prospects and existing clients that you deliver outstanding tyre management, you're in an excellent position to win more contracts. That's why InfoRoute's Vision system helps you monitor those critical KPIs for exceptional levels of performance.

  • Secure business over the longer term and give your fleets no reason to switch to a tyre competitor.
  • Harness tools that deliver timely and accurate customer information, enhancing overall service levels.
  • Only performing service actions to extend tyre life (and optimise tyre costs) allows you to demonstrate your value to customers.
  • Win more business on service and not price with a paperless system that improves the efficiency of the tyre management process.

Some of the benefits of InfoRoute include:

Fast and easy data entry using an Android app

Accessible through a mobile phone or similar device

Proven performance over 25 years

Improved visibility & productivity

Secure data via authorised dealers

Record activity either on or offline

Operate with two-way data transfers

View data across your fleet, location and vehicles


Use a proven tool for vehicle inspections in the field 

Intuitive and easy to use, InspectorLink is a part of InfoRoute that helps tyre fitters conduct their inspections on the move. Available as an app on any smart mobile device, fitters can record their checks digitally on the move. Also, because the process is paperless, the details are sent instantly and securely to our servers. That way, your team can deliver efficient and seamless tyre inspections in any weather, day or night.

  • InfoRoute has a user-friendly design that allows staff to use the system with minimal training.
  • Enjoy autonomy over the data you want to see, such as pattern depth, wear, damage, and air pressure.
  • InspectorLink also works online and offline, so tyre fitters can still operate in areas without internet reception.

See results for all your vehicles through the Vision online portal

Vision offers a complete and thorough overview of your managed fleets by gathering all necessary data. With meticulous inspections and data analysis, the portal provides you and your customers with precise information about the condition of your vehicles and the recommended course of action. With Vision, you can receive detailed reports and analytics instantly, giving you complete business visibility for faster decision-making.

  • View your fleet status at any location and the vehicle schematic when it was last inspected.
  • Use the inspection calendar to identify vehicles with issues and filter vehicles not captured in the current inspection cycle.
  • Schedule a range of reports to send automatically on a defined basis or inspection.

Offer a fully digital service that strengthens and secures your business 

In today's competitive marketplace, digital transformation is vital for businesses that want to be successful. Having all areas of the business linked and visible to one another through InfoRoute's intuitive interface makes it possible to create countless time-savings. And because the system is cloud-based and run by industry experts, you can face the future with confidence with the assurance that all your customer data resides behind an enhanced layer of protection.

  • Provides secure data storage and management solutions to protect sensitive business and customer information.
  • The potential for mobile access allows for management on the go, improving responsiveness and flexibility across your operations.
  • Automating routine tasks saves time, which you can spend on other critical aspects of the business.

World-class ERP tyre solutions from KCS


Whether a single branch or a multi-branch enterprise, our powerful cloud-based software helps you manage your tyre or garage business for improved profits and performance.

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