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Kerridge CS introduces an innovative app to enhance stock-picking efficiency and accuracy

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) has extended its K8 business management software offering with the launch of ePick. This mobile app ensures accurate and efficient stock picking across all branches by automating the picking process and giving users the tools to deliver the right products to customers every time.

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K8 ePick is compatible with KCS' popular K8 business management software and is available on Android and iOS devices. As a result, it can process pick tasks created within the K8 system, replacing the hand-written validation of printed pick notes and subsequent confirmation within K8.

Once the pick is selected, the app works offline, allowing users to move freely across different locations throughout the yard. K8 ePick provides complete visibility over all the products and quantities for users to pick and guides them to each bin location. Users can then use the app to validate the quantity they've picked by confirming the total amount, scanning the product barcode or keying it in.

It's also possible to perform a visual check of the picked items via the app by accessing the product images stored on K8. Electronic notifications reach management if any picks are short or other problems arise.

Once users have completed the task, orders are confirmed, and details automatically upload to K8 for invoicing.

Efficiency and accuracy are the core components of any stock pick; not only does this help to automate the picking process and to keep costs down, but it also ultimately means that customers receive the items they've ordered. K8 ePick is an invaluable tool for any branch user.

James Mitchell, KCS Managing Director in the UK & Ireland.

'We expect demand for K8 ePick to be high,' adds James, 'as customers look for further ways to enhance their use of K8 and deliver further cost and efficiency savings across their businesses in these challenging times.'

K8 ePick is available now, and we're excited at how this product will help our customers offer enhanced service levels that differentiate them from their competitors. If you want to learn more about this app, don't hesitate to contact your account manager or call 01488 662000 for more information.


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