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K8 Sales Order Processing Software: Swift, Accurate, Professional

Making sales is the cornerstone of any business. Therefore it’s essential to ensure that the sales order processing function within an organisation is reliable. K8 from Kerridge Commercial Systems is a swift, accurate and professional sales order processing software solution.

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Speed is the key

Speed is vital for sales order functionality. You can’t risk losing a sale because of a slow and clunky process, and you don’t want to frustrate your customer by taking too long. Accurate data retrieval and input are also key, and professionalism is important at all times.

While it may be tempting to see the point of sale as the end of the customer sales cycle, it can be argued that it is potentially the beginning of a renewed cycle when it comes to repeat business. Sales order and point-of-sale software should help to secure future sales through its efficiency.

Enhanced customer service

Customer service and professionalism are not only something to aspire to at the sales pitch or quote stage of the customer cycle, but it is also something that should run through every facet and stage of a business. K8 sales order software helps enhance customer service by helping customers find their product quickly, by keeping the transaction swift, and by allowing staff members to provide quality one-on-one service.

Easy product and customer identification

Finding product and customer information has never been easier than with the K8 system. Choose from a wealth of search characteristics: product code or description; manufacturers’ or suppliers’ part number; bar codes or EAN codes, etc. Access account customers’ details with speed and efficiency (enter any words from the name, address, or even part of the postcode) in order to provide a better service to your valued customers.

A wealth of information at your fingertips

All of this functionality is available at your fingertips with a few keystrokes. The K8 sales order processing software is easy to learn, intuitive to use, and scalable from one user to thousands. Sales order processing software that is swift, accurate and professional such as K8 doesn’t just process individual sales, it helps secure more future orders.


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