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Choose truly effective sales order processing software

Distributive trades have always required rapid and accurate order processing. Below, we uncover how Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) have evolved to offer customers a fully digital solution.

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Smooth sales order processing was an overriding priority even back when trading would occur over the counter or by phone. With the emergence of the internet and the accompanying ecommerce boom, however, increased competition and sheer scale of business growth in the early 21st century have called for appropriate sales order processing software, such as the K8 solution from KCS.

Few companies in the distributive trades can continue to manage increasingly overwhelming administrative aspects such as sales orders and stock control manually. Today, even the most basic electronic point of sale and sales order processing software can instantly register and calculate total sales, whilst giving businesses real time information on their present stock figures. More sophisticated software features the smoothest integration of order data with stock control and shipping information.

In an industry in which an order may be taken in one country, before the product is manufactured in another country, until the order is finally dispatched to a third country where the customer or shop may actually be based, the need soon becomes apparent for a software solution that can adequately cope with the most complicated ordering patterns. For businesses, such a package allows for the most efficient flow of orders while minimising human error. Customers, meanwhile, can have confidence that their order will be handled swiftly and competently.

Although the K8 sales order processing software from Kerridge Commercial Systems certainly gives the client a wealth of instantly accessible information, such data is by no means overwhelming, with both product and customer information being easy to identify. It has been designed to cope with the busiest trading environments by experts with personal knowledge and experience relating to the distributive trades, and therefore ensures the fastest and most accurate sales order processing.

The software is integrated with the full process of product picking, despatch and delivery, capturing all of the data that is required to manage and review transactions. It ensures that the customer benefits from maximum speed and convenience, giving staff more time to provide a quality service and to assist with other elements of the business. The result of the ensuing customer satisfaction is increased business on future occasions.

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