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How Builders' Merchant Software Can Help When It Comes to Stock-Taking Time

Anyone who has worked within the retail sector will know how daunting stock-taking time can be.

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Manually counting each and every single item in a vast array of product lines is truly mind-numbing and terrifying at the same time; where can that last pallet of ‘Loft insulation’ be? However, every manager knows that it’s likely that there will always be a small discrepancy somewhere.

Stock control

Imagine this process in a builders’ merchant, where every brick, nail, inch of wood and bag of sand needs to be accounted for. It is a large-scale and stressful process for every branch, and when this is rolled out through a chain, the discrepancies don’t tend to be small. To facilitate this, a business needs some form of builders’ merchant software to track stock through the delivery and sales process, ensuring stock levels are optimised.

Integrated software packages

K8 isn’t simply a software package that tracks sales out through the door; it tracks products in, the inter-merchant transfer of stock, breakages, and sales. From a head office point of view, this is invaluable information to benchmark performance, not just those all-important sales but branch management also. A modular system such as K8 is ideal for integrating HR, finance, and sales functions with builders' merchant software which is specifically designed with this market in mind.

K8 Stock Management

Although a significant part of the builders' merchant software offering is around stock management through sales, it is also perfect for aiding the management of your branches through optimum staffing levels, forecasting, and meeting regional requirements. Kerridge CS is able to advise your business on how you could be using the multiple functions of the K8 software system to support your business.

Kerridge Commercial Systems

What you get with our K8 builders merchant software package is the peace of mind that we are acting in your business’s best interests. We offer an advice service to ensure the package you select is pertinent to your individual requirements. We also offer an after-sales service to support your business, providing you with a truly professional business partnership.


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