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Heating & plumbing merchant, RUK, are using K8 Trader from Kerridge CS to drive their exciting expansion plans

RUK is a growing heating and plumbing company based in Durham. Providing training and merchant services, they primarily sell heating and plumbing supplies over their trade counter.

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Ambitious about the future, RUK aims to deliver supplies to tradespeople on-site as well as sell nationally online. However, they need a comprehensive EPOS system to grow, which explains why they've migrated their system to K8 Trader from Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS).

'Our previous system wasn't suitable for the functionality we need,' says Stephen Mulinda, RUK’s Director. 'Basic things like markup and profitability weren't on the lines, and searching was convoluted. We needed something fast and efficient to move forward.' At this point, one of Stephen's employees recommended K8. 'KCS explained that K8 Trader was more suitable for our size,' he explains. 'And when we saw it work, we didn't look any further.'

What impressed Stephen most was K8 Trader's comprehensive system, combined with its accessibility. 'Going into a merchant, it takes ages to get a price on a product. We want to process customers the first time, so the search function has to be satisfactory with all the pricing and margins on screen. And K8 Trader ticks all those boxes!'

But the benefits don't end there. 'You get to where you need in a few clicks,' Stephen adds, describing how the software works. 'A lot of what was problematic or convoluted before is easy on K8 Trader. Everything is based around the stock.'

Stephen is also looking forward to the efficiencies K8 Trader will bring. 'Currently, if we don't do the administrative side properly, it's not obvious. But when it comes to reconciliation a month later, errors are highlighted, which is problematic. With K8 Trader, however, if you don't administrate properly, problems come to light straight-away.'

'There's also an accounting system built-in. So, it will save us money because we'll spend much less time on accounting. All the ledgers update in real-time, freeing up resources in other areas for staff to do different things.'

Migrating over to a new company system can seem daunting. But Stephen is happy about RUK's experience so far.

KCS coordinated everything absolutely brilliantly. Communication was excellent. And everything I asked of them was resolved speedily, which is what I value most.

Stephen Mulinda, RUK’s Director

Additionally, Stephen is excited about efficiencies RUK can make with K8 Trader in future. 'At some point, we will go paperless. So why not do it now, or in the coming months?' And he's enthusiastic about how K8 Trader allows RUK to develop. 'We'll use the sales and purchase orders, quotes, and all the accounting side of it. But it's quite a comprehensive package which gives us a lot of scope. So, those other areas will come into use as we grow.'

K8 Trader is a fully integrated trading and business management solution from KCS. It combines a full suite of modules in a modern and easy-to-use interface that meets the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.


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