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Terry Howell


Customer: Terry Howell

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Terry Howell goes digital with K8 from Kerridge Commercial Systems

In 2020 Terry Howell, an independent family timber and builders’ merchant in South Wales, partnered with Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) to implement their leading ERP solution, K8. The business selected K8 because it is specifically designed and developed for the merchant industry, improving efficiencies and their end level of customer service.

K8 is a sophisticated and intuitive trading platform that enables merchants to manage everything from front-end sales to back-office administrative functions. Additionally, the software is designed to help merchant and distribution businesses improve their day-to-day performance with boosted profits and margins they can manage in detail.

Recognising the need to streamline and improve accuracy with business management software, Luke Brown, Head of Retail at Terry Howell, explains why the timber merchants chose K8. ‘What really stood out to us about K8 was the scope for tailoring the system to suit our specific business needs. In addition, we were really encouraged by the knowledge and expertise of the consultancy team. Having individuals on our project who understood our industry was a huge help in the build stages, with the ability to bounce ideas off each other and share best practices on how we could get the system to work for us.’


  • ERP software tailored to suit the needs of the business
  • System implementation run by timber-industry experts
  • Efficient sales and inventory processes to meet demand
  • An improved end-to-end customer experience

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