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Solutions for a digital age

Independent merchant Grant & Stone has always considered itself to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology – and there was no better time to go digital than in 2020. With K8 at the core of its operations, the independent builders’ merchant has gone from strength to strength, benefiting not only from the core cloud-based system, but also its associated apps.

Electronic proof of delivery and ecommerce are just two of the areas where the business has thrived over recent months, and a number of additional products and services from KCS will be integral to its future success.

Gains and benefits - watch the video to see more

  • Cloud deployment has facilitated expansion of the growing business

  • K8 ePOD cuts down on paperwork and stores signatures electronically for easy access

  • Luckins catalogue integration with K8 ensures accuracy of pricing and product descriptions

  • K8 WebTrade, a B2B ecommerce solution, allows customers to access their accounts online

  • Remote working and increased IT security facilitated by the cloud

  • Ongoing relationship with KCS has positioned the business for future success

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