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Customer: Planglow

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Kerridge CS provides high quality support for early adopters Planglow

Plangow was established in the 1980s to supply a labeling solution to caterers and other food providers. The team developed a simple but effective computer programme and shrewdly pitched it with one of Alan Sugar’s early Amstrad computers and printer kits as a ‘label printer’.

In 2005 the company expanded into the supply of environmentally friendly, compostable branded food packaging for restaurants, sandwich shops and contract caterers.

However, labeling software is still core to the company’s offering and the current web-based product is designed to be quick and easy to use for catering companies that don’t employ IT experts and, typically, don’t know what ingredients will be need to be printed on a label until the last minute.

Plangow’s industry expertise gave them a head start when they decided to offer their existing customers a range of environmentally friendly cardboard sandwich packaging. The early success of this initiative then led to the company’s first off-the-shelf range of sandwich and other food packaging. Styles developed by the in-house design team have evolved from basic craft paper packs to the bright sherbert colours of the new botanical range.

Planglow was an early adopter of K8 LV and started using the software in 2005. Before that the team used a DOS based system for accounting. Director, Bethen Darby, realised she needed a more sophisticated solution that would integrate accounts with sales information and would give her visibility of sales history and available stock. She chose K8 LV because she believed Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) would deliver high quality support and a personal service – a view she still holds to this day and which is now borne out of personal experience.


  • Accounts integrated with sales information
  • Easy to track order history
  • Total visibility across the business
  • Wide-ranging reporting capability
  • Great support from the K8 LV team

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I would always recommend K8 LV, as I have always had a very positive experience when using it. The support team is brilliant too and has helped me to support my customers when they want data supplied in a certain format or if I need to create a particularly complicated report. They’re nice people to talk to too – and that counts for a lot!

- Bethen Darby, Director, Planglow


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