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Customer: Plumblink

What we did: Implemented K8

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Plumblink is a leading plumbing products and sanitary ware supplier, servicing the plumbers’ trade and contract markets, as well as the insurance industry.

They have two different branch models; some of the larger stores with showrooms for the general customer, and smaller express stores aimed at the plumbers market. To support the growth, the business also had to adjust and formalise the stock distribution process.

Mr Abrahams, commented: “Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) SA has provided us with an excellent tool to be closer to our value chain. We have grown from nineteen branches in 2010 to sixty-eight in 2015 with the goal to open another twelve to fifteen branches in the next year.”

Seaweed McFarlane, Plumblink CEO said: “I truly believe that we have positioned the company in a well-structured and well governed business. The IT systems we introduced had very positive spin offs and visibility of all operations was enhanced. I consider Plumblink as the industry leader with systems in place to continue seeing and improving on the growth of the past five years.”

Gains and benefits

  • Greater supply chain visibility
  • Centralised control
  • Access to up-to-date management information
  • Tighter margin controls
  • Ease of opening branches
  • Better stock management
  • Low cost to support

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Kerridge Commercial Systems has provided us with an excellent tool to be closer to our value chain.

- Oswald Abrahams, ERP Systems Manager, Plumblink


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