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Work Orders

Works Order Processing for your Timber Business

Selection, cutting, processing, packaging and costing

We recognise that managing timber orders can be a very complex business, particularly when you have to account for a range of processes and specific instructions from your customers. Standard timber selection and process requirements should be easy to complete. Similarly, multi-stage works orders in a mill operation necessitate cost and material control at every stage – including any third party specialist processing.

Our integrated solutions are designed to manage every order from placement to completion. There are facilities which enable you to record and account for cutting, treatments and packaging, including waste or resulting off-cuts. If your business issues partly completed jobs to third party specialists, it is effortless to raise purchase orders, free-issue the work-in-progress jobs, and later to receive back, incorporating the costs, for final completion and packaging.

A solution from Kerridge Commercial Systems will give your timber business enhanced control and visibility of every process from start to finish.


  • Create works orders quickly and efficiently

  • Add simple processes and create yard instructions

  • Multi-stage works orders to control mill operations

  • Manage third party out work orders and costs

  • Monitor individual department workload

  • Accurate job profitability

For more information on how KCS Works Order Processing could help your timber business operate more efficiently, contact us for a free demo.

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