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Stock Control

Deliver on your sales commitments with stock control software

Gain full control of your inventory with stock control software. With full visibility of your stock, you can instantly track movements, transfers and availability, and make changes wherever necessary to optimise performance.

Stock control systems that are hosted in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere. Easily access vital data about your stock levels, and maintain tight margin control with complete visibility.

With our stock control software, you have the vital link between you, your suppliers and your customers, so you can deliver great customer service without compromising your margins. You can also easily transfer stock between branches, delivering efficiency across your entire network.

Key benefits of our stock control systems include the ability to:

  • Control and manage your stock at central, regional and branch level

  • Gain a complete overview of stock levels so you can make informed decisions

  • Automatically suspend sales orders when margin threshold is breached

  • Review and authorise held orders using sophisticated controls

  • Enable stock rationalisation so you can reduce overall costs and boost profit margins

  • Capture and audit essential management information

  • Determine which branch is best-placed to fulfil an order

  • Increase stock availability for greater customer satisfaction

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