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Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing Solution

We know that sales processing speed and accuracy are key when you're trading with your customers – whether that's over the phone, at the counter or online. Our experts have brought in their personal knowledge and experience to create our sales order processing software, which will revolutionise your sales order process.

Our sales order software enhances customer service through speed and accuracy, making it quick and easy to identify products and customers, while providing a wealth of information at your fingertips. Your customers will appreciate the fast, professional service, and your staff will have more time to attend to their needs, and to deal with other areas of the business.

Our sales order processing software can help to secure your future sales through its efficiency.

Our Sales Order Processing Software: What can it do for your Business?

  • Speeds up your sales processing without compromising accuracy.

  • Delivers a fast and convenient experience for your customers.

  • Gives your sales staff more time to service and build business.

  • Captures all the data that you need to review and manage transactions.

  • Integrates with your product picking, despatch and delivery processes.

  • Fully integrated functionality, including promotions.

  • Easy access to all areas of your business's information.

K8 ePick: Ensuring accurate and efficient order picking

K8 ePick is a mobile app designed to help you pick stock accurately and efficiently. By automating the picking process, the app gives you the tools you need to deliver the right products to your customers, on time, every time.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, K8 ePick is suitable for a branch environment. Simply select your next pick on your mobile device and you will be guided to each bin location in turn to pick the product.

Although K8 ePick needs network connectivity to download and ultimately confirm the pick tasks, you can confirm pick lines in offline mode. This enables you to easily move between different locations throughout the branch and yard without the worry of losing connectivity.

It's easy to confirm the quantity of items you pick - simply confirm the full quantity, scan the barcode or key in the number of items you have selected. To perform a visual check, access the product images stored on K8 to ensure you have chosen the correct item.

If any picks are short, or other problems arise, management will be notified electronically via the app.

Once you've completed the task, the order will be confirmed and details automatically uploaded to K8. The order is then ready to be invoiced.

Key benefits

  • Reduce errors and speed up the picking process

  • Improve efficiency, deliver enhanced customer service

  • For use in branch and in yard

  • Picks immediately available on your mobile device

  • Guide users to each bin in sequence

  • Scan product barcodes to confirm, improving pick accuracy

  • Order confirmed on pick completion – the order is ready to be invoiced

  • Short picks and problems notified electronically to management

If you want to find out more about how our sales order processing software can help you, simply click on the link below and complete the contact form.

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