Comprehensive Materials Requirements Planning (MRP System) Software

The MRP module within our manufacturing solution manages all requirements and resources to meet your manufacturing demand and maintain optimised stock levels.

The MRP system allows you to record and analyse information regarding what is used, where, when, how and by whom, all in real-time. This information is vital in planning the most effective production methods for your manufacturing business.

Extensive reporting functionality allows you to see what has occurred and compare that to forecasts. Past histories can be used to generate future forecasts and actual sales can be offset against predicted orders. Our software's MRP module enables support for a variety of working methods such as shift patterns, holidays, maintenance periods, and supplier delivery times. Powerful analytical tools enable ‘what if’ forecasting and analysis models to plan future requirements and maximise cost effectiveness.

Manufacturing MRP Software: benefits at a glance

  • Effectively manage all requirements and resources to meet your manufacturing demand

  • Plan and schedule production operations to optimise stock levels

  • Improved inventory scheduling and planning

  • ‘Available to promise’ functionality providing specific order dates based on real-time stock levels

  • Rough-cut, finite and infinite capacity planning

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Datawright rebrands to become Kerridge Commercial Systems

We will continue to focus on innovating and delivering market-leading ERP solutions

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“We are very excited to make this announcement,” explained Kevin Stalker, Software Director. “As we continue to grow as a group, it makes sense to have our people and products under one brand name. The Kerridge Commercial Systems brand reflects our commitment to remain at the forefront of technology for our manufacturing, field service and distribution customers globally.”