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Our Sustainability Policy

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Together we can make a difference!

We all have a part to play, we make a difference - each small step we take together to protect our environment will benefit us all - let’s keep walking!

1. Overview

At Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to our employees, customers, investors, and environment to promote and practice sustainability across our solutions and within our business. We encourage all our staff to contribute to, and consistently support, our sustainability efforts.

At KCS, we are committed to helping our customers to implement solutions that not only create efficiencies and deliver great service but reduce waste and encourage waste reduction.

Our principles are to support:

  • The development and delivery of software solutions with consideration for the impact on our environment and seeking to promote sustainable business practices.

  • The reduction of internal waste, such as paper, and leveraging technology to remove the need to print and store paper.

  • The provision of online training and remote consultancy services to our customers to reduce unnecessary travel and our carbon footprint.

  • The reduction of waste and encouraging all to recycle where possible.

Promoting Sustainability

2. Promoting Sustainability

We support our customers to operate sustainably by:

  • Providing solutions that minimise paper usage and reduce waste.

  • Providing solutions that reduce the number of physical servers and IT hardware on site to run business management software, and promoting cloud computing as best practice.

  • Providing solutions that optimise delivery and logistics management, reducing the carbon footprint of our customers through vehicle load optimisation and planning.

  • Providing data-driven solutions that reduce the number of product returns/expirations, reducing waste and energy consumption.

  • Promoting the sourcing, stocking and sale of FSC certified timber and materials within our customer base.

  • Providing ecommerce solutions that enable customers to place orders quickly, easily and efficiently without the need to visit branches or send through paper copies of orders.

  • Providing ecommerce solutions that enable businesses to interact with suppliers for purchase order placement, advance produce delivery notifications and offer a customer self-service capability to reduce copies of invoices and paperwork being issued to customers.

  • Encouraging our customers not to print any of our promotional materials, instead structuring these so that they are easy to view online and utilising embedded links to guide the reader to interesting and informative collateral such as online videos.

As a global provider of software solutions in the distributive trades, automotive aftermarket and rental sectors, we are committed to continuous improvement and development. Our products and services are designed and developed with sustainability at their core, and as such this list is not exhaustive.

Sustainability Policy

3. Practicing Sustainability

KCS is a global business, with offices worldwide. We continuously review our internal practices and procedures to ensure we are operating in sustainable way – for our people, our communities, and our customers.

The following is a list of our current best practice for internal sustainability:

Our offices are fitted with;

  • high efficiency heating and cooling systems

  • energy efficient LED lighting

  • FSC certified furniture from local sources

  • plasterboard partitioning as part of the environmental scheme

  • carpet tiles made from recycled materials

  • thermally efficient suspended ceilings

We encourage recycling and reuse by;

  • achieving a 95% rate of recycling across our skip use

  • promoting recycling across all offices

We ensure our use of IT is efficient and effective by;

  • having a robust replacement, replenishment and recycling programme

We reduce waste by;

  • having a digital first policy across our marketing collateral, in which all of our materials are designed to be engaged with digitally and not for print

  • encouraging employees not to print, and where necessary only print in black and white

We reduce carbon emissions by;

  • enabling employees to work from home where appropriate

  • providing remote training, installations, and meetings with customers and staff

We all have an individual responsibility to ensure we are acting in accordance with our sustainability best practice.

Download the Sustainability Policy pdf. Updated March 2021.

Laptops for Kids

KCS proudly supports Laptops for Kids

Laptops for Kids is a charitable organisation that facilitates the distribution of used digital devices to enable children from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in remote learning. Giving them access to the technology they need, free of charge, means they can complete homework tasks that would otherwise not be possible without a computer.

"To date, we have donated over 40 laptops to this good cause. As a business, we are committed to helping Laptop for Kids provide children with the resources they need to succeed in their education. We are passionate about helping to close the 'digital divide' among disadvantaged young people and are committed to supporting this fantastic charity by continuing to donate our used laptops" commented Ian Bendelow, CEO, Kerridge Commercial Systems Group.

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Our Sustainability Policy

Together we can make a difference!

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