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Merchant software built for your business

All the functionality you need to build and grow a successful merchant business, from business intelligence and financial accounting to order placement and warehouse management.

Manage your business accounts easily

Designed to manage your business accounting, every application of the financials suite is functionally rich, clear and intuitive to use. Our fully integrated finance accounting management software reduces costs by maximising the efficiency of your transaction processing.

Measurement & evaluation for informed business decisions

Monitoring business performance based on timely and accurate information is a key priority in the fast moving merchant industry. Our business intelligence module delivers solutions that can help you analyse, assess and adapt your work processes in order to achieve targets.

Fast, accurate and efficient service

Designed to support how sales teams work – speed and efficiency is everything. Quickly identify an account from information you have at hand, recovering personal pricing preferences and sales history. Customers will appreciate the fast, professional service and your staff will have more time to attend to their needs, increase sales and encourage repeat business.

User-defined warehouse management

The warehouse management suite works in harmony with your distribution activities; the structure is a series of virtual, user-defined warehouse areas. It allows you to keep optimum stock levels and to link warehouse management to sales order processing, so your customers are not left disappointed.

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Our Sustainability Policy

Together we can make a difference!

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At Kerridge Commercial Systems we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to our employees, customers, investors, and environment to promote and practice sustainability across our solutions and within our business.