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ePick 250

Increase stock-picking accuracy for an outstanding service

In today's demanding market, picking stock efficiently and accurately is vital. That way, customers get the right products at the right time, so we've created the intuitive and easy-to-deploy ePick app. Available on any smart device, you can now automate the picking process in your warehouse or branch. This way, you always get the right item to customers on time.

How can ePick help your business?


Fast & accurate stock-picking processes

ePick is perfect for a busy warehouse as it allows users to select the next pick via a smart mobile device while on the move. The app then guides users to each bin location for a streamlined picking process. And don't worry about areas without internet access. ePick works offline once the pick starts, so staff can always complete tasks as they move between locations.

  • ePick enables many different product types for easy picking, including batch/pack controlled & tally items.
  • With easy access to product images stored on your ERP, staff can also perform a visual check if needed.
  • Confirmation automatic uploads to your ERP system for invoicing, helping you save time & money.

Improved control and better customer service

ePick allows for complete control over the picking process. The user can see any text or instructions recorded to become aware of any special requirements, such as additional packaging. And if there needs to be more stock in the bin to fulfil the required quantity, they can view other associated bins where the product is stored.

  • Users create exceptions if they encounter problems, with details sent to management for swift resolution.
  • Capture the details of any short-picks and the reason code for instant dispatch to management.
  • An entirely paperless process, you have the speed and control to offer superior customer service.

Key features of ePick:


Increase speed & accuracy of picking processes

Perfect for use in a busy branch, warehouse or yard

Instant picking capability on any smart mobile device

Scan product barcodes to improve pick accuracy


Orders confirm on completion for invoicing

Short picks & problems sent to management

Improved efficiency, control, & speed of delivery

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