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Konnect Ireland 2024: Pioneering digital transformation in businesses across Ireland

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) recently hosted its highly anticipated Konnect Ireland 2024 conference for rental, automotive and distributive customers, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards a digital transformation in business operations.

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Konnect Ireland 2024


Held on May 16th at the Radisson Blu Dublin, this event brought together hundreds of delegates eager to explore KCS’s suite of ERP solutions.

Throughout the day, there was an emphasis on KCS's dedication to pioneering digital solutions for efficiency and profitability. Through enlightening presentations and hands-on demonstrations, they showcased a commitment to improving business performance, solidifying their position as leaders in innovative solutions.

"Today, we want to empower businesses to achieve new levels of success through digitisation and set the stage for a future where technology drives efficiency," said James Mitchell, Managing Director of KCS in the UK and Ireland.

Attendees were immersed in demonstrations and workshops showcasing KCS’s newest mobile and web solutions. From intuitive apps future-proofing warehouse and operations management, to integrated business intelligence platforms like Phocas, delegates gained firsthand experience of technologies designed to streamline processes and drive growth.

Security was a major focus at the event, with sessions highlighting the importance of robust cybersecurity measures in protecting business data and operations. KCS emphasised their ISO27001 certification and detailed their comprehensive security strategies, including advanced threat detection and real-time monitoring, to ensure the highest standards of data protection and integrity.

In addition to unveiling their latest digital offerings, KCS reinforced partnerships with industry leaders like Dojo, WorldPay and Phocas at the event. These collaborations reiterated a commitment to providing customers with quality digital products that complement their core business solutions. Customers learned about advanced data analytics from Phocas, simplified payment processing from WorldPay and innovative business solutions from Dojo, whilst gaining other valuable insights from the partnered businesses.

Attendees also had the opportunity to delve into sessions on topics ranging from product roadmaps to leveraging business intelligence for data-driven decision-making. With insights from industry experts and practical advice from KCS staff, delegates left the conference equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate the evolving landscape of business technology.

From unveiling our latest advancements in cloud technology to emphasising the critical role of security measures in safeguarding businesses, this event has been about equipping our customers with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

James Mitchell, Managing Director of KCS in the UK and Ireland

"As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, we're not just shaping the future of business — we're ensuring our customers are at the forefront of it. We’re pleased that the success of Konnect Ireland has reaffirmed our position as a leader in providing innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a rapidly changing world.”

Konnect Ireland 2024 demonstrated KCS's unwavering commitment to driving positive change through technology. With a focus on security, efficiency and profitability, the business continues to lead the way in facilitating businesses to achieve their goals through digitisation.

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