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KCS combine their environmental goals with the CO2nstruct Zero initiative for 2024

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), the leading business management software provider to the distribution, automotive, and rental sectors, continues to support improved environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards via its active participation in the CO2nstruct Zero initiative. Launched in March 2021 by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), CO2nstruct Zero is the construction industry's response to the Builders Merchant Federation's (BMF) goal to achieve net zero by 2050.

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Banner stating that KCS combines environmental goals with CO2nstruct Zero initiative.

CO2nstruct Zero's Performance Framework features 31 metrics across nine priority areas and tracks the construction industry's progress in decreasing carbon emissions. As designated CO2nstruct Zero Business Champions, KCS joins esteemed organisations such as The Environment Agency and other leading merchants to showcase and encourage best practices among their customers.

James Mitchell, Managing Director of KCS for the UK and Ireland, has also recently become an advisor to the BMF's Executive Board on digitalisation. James is passionate about the opportunities that await a fully digitalised, net-zero construction sector and – as he reflects on 2023's achievements – has spoken of his pride in KCS's involvement with the CO2nstruct Zero initiative.

'Being CO2nstruct Zero Business Champion aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver customers solutions that help them stay profitable while working towards net zero,' James explains.

'For example, by developing technology that helps companies spend less on fuel or paper - or by increasing the accuracy of their deliveries - we're showing how digitalisation can help our customers see sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand.'

James Mitchell, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Kerridge Commercial Systems

KCS's dedication to CO2nstruct Zero is also mirrored by their renewed pursuit to drive improved Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards across their organisation.

'At KCS, our software solutions are designed for operational efficiency and promoting sustainable practices among our customers,' says Carolyn Adams, KCS's Chief People Officer. 'Those values are underpinned by our approach to environmental and social responsibilities, such as how we work with charities to distribute our old IT equipment through local schools.'

'We're also proud of how we look to run our offices as sustainably as possible with the use of solar panels and LED lighting where possible across the estate,' Carolyn explains. 'Such ESG office commitments are an area for change for KCS, and we're committed to walking the walk internally as well as talking the talk to our customers and the industry.' Carolyn continues: 'That process will continue into 2024 throughout our network of offices worldwide.'

James Mitchell concludes: 'Alongside how we run as a business, KCS will continue developing digital solutions that help businesses work towards greater profitability through digitalisation and also assisting them on the drive to net-zero. Ultimately, our role as CO2nstruct Zero Business Champion symbolises our dedication to environmental stewardship and our intent to lead the way during the industry's zero carbon transition.'

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