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Improve Customer Relations with Timber Merchant Software

Kerridge Commercial Systems offer timber merchant software which allows sales tracking and contract pricing management for data control.

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Tracking sales and stock levels is an integral facet of any retail business, but so too is customer relationship management. Whether your primary focus is on regular contracts or individual sales, you can benefit from more effective customer communications, which can result in improved order values, greater return sales, and increased word of mouth marketing and branding. The advanced timber merchant software developed by Kerridge Commercial Systems offers these benefits and more.

Every time you communicate with a customer or prospective customer, your business is being judged. Leads will expect you to answer quickly and courteously, and they will also appreciate follow up communication. This follow up also allows you to make additional sales and persuade your customers to return and make more purchases. Secondary and tertiary purchases are the most profitable for business because they require less marketing or advertising investment.

One important component of good customer relationship management is managing contract pricing. You may choose to offer different prices to different customers, based on the time they have been with you, the amount they spend, or any other determinant factor. If you offer a specific price then you must ensure that this is the price that a customer pays.

Effective timber merchant software will allow you to manage contract pricing details so that you have a means of managing this data. You will never undercharge or overcharge a client again, which not only means optimising your profits but avoiding the embarrassment and potential loss of business that can arise from these situations.

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