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Embracing KCS software for sustainable business practices: Our commitment to Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, the global conversation around sustainability grows louder and more urgent.

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Hands reaching towards the earth as KCS recognises Earth Day.

At Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), we recognise our responsibility to the planet and are committed to integrating sustainable practices into both our business operations and the solutions that we provide to our customers.

One of the key ways that we take this subject seriously is through our cloud software solutions. By encouraging the transition from traditional on-premise servers to cloud-based systems, we help our customers reduce their environmental impact in several ways. Our cloud-based solutions optimise logistics, cutting carbon footprints by efficiently managing deliveries and minimising waste. Leveraging data-driven strategies, our system fine-tunes delivery routes, reducing emissions. Additionally, predictive analytics cut product returns, saving energy.

We also champion digital transformation with e-commerce solutions, digitising processes to boost efficiency and reduce paper use. By leveraging this, our customers experience minimised physical infrastructure and energy consumption, leading to streamlined operations and cost savings.

Internally, we prioritise sustainability across our global offices, encompassing initiatives such as our cycle-to-work scheme and efforts to reduce waste and enhance energy efficiency. Our commitment extends to equipping our facilities with energy-efficient systems and locally sourced FSC certified furniture.

We’ve achieved a remarkable 95% recycling rate across our facilities and promoting recycling initiatives are integral elements of our sustainability efforts. We implement efficient IT practices, such as a robust device replacement and recycling program, to further our environmental responsibility. Embracing a digital-first approach to marketing collateral, we minimise print materials and actively encourage remote work to reduce carbon emissions from travel. Every division within KCS shares the responsibility to adhere to our sustainability best practices.

'At KCS, we are committed to helping our customers to implement solutions that not only create efficiencies and deliver great service but reduce waste and encourage waste reduction. We firmly believe that sustainability and profitability do go hand in hand, this is reflected in both our products and our service delivery.'

Ian Bendelow, CEO of Kerridge Commercial Systems

We believe that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand and we're committed to driving positive change for future generations here at Kerridge Commercial Systems. Find out more about how cloud solutions can benefit your business and the planet. Together, let's build a more sustainable future for all.

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