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Software leader donates technology & IT equipment to Laptops for All

KCS supports Laptops for All by donating over 150 refurbished laptops to UK schools, aiding children and helping close the digital divide.

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 Student learning on computer donated by KCS.


Laptops for All, a charitable organisation in the UK, aims to increase access to learning, enterprise and communication for people of all ages, addressing the wider digital divide in society. Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), a leading global provider of cloud-based business management software and related solutions to the distribution, automotive and rental markets, proudly continues its support in providing refurbished laptops to the organisation, previously known as Laptops for Kids. To date, the KCS Group has made available over 150 repurposed laptops. These laptops were delivered to schools across the UK, including St. Mary's Ukrainian School, which took delivery of 31 repurposed desktop computers and associated equipment for children who arrived in the UK following the onset of the Ukraine war.

Laptops for All, which aims to ensure every child has safe and reliable access to the Internet for education purposes, believes the need has become even more critical during recent global events, including the cost-of-living crisis. Recent research by the government communication service regulator, Ofcom, has revealed that approximately 8 million UK households find it difficult to afford the cost of broadband and other digital communication services, and it will be no different in any other country. As a result, many children are growing up without access to online learning and face missing opportunities in today's digital world.

At KCS, we're passionate about helping to close the digital divide, emphasising the organisation's dedication to social responsibility. The ability to repurpose and donate these laptops not only supports our core values but also highlights a sustainable approach to business that benefits both the community and the environment.

Ian Bendelow, CEO of the KCS Group

Furthermore, KCS's ongoing collaboration with Laptops for All aligns the company with its core principles of sustainability and community support. 'By refurbishing these laptops for educational use, we create a mutually beneficial situation,' Ian explains. 'We help young people access opportunities while reducing the burden on waste disposal services, which consequently helps protect our environment and ensures that we contribute towards the aim of a safe and prosperous future for us all.'

‘Learn Sheffield has been proud to work with Laptops for All since it was first created as Laptops for Kids,’ explains Andy Wynne, Governance Lead for Learn Sheffield, which is an education partnership that provides high-quality school improvement support for settings across the city. ‘Our involvement started at a time when schools and families needed access to devices and connectivity during the pandemic and Learn Sheffield played an important role in ensuring that donated devices went to schools where they were most needed at that critical time. That partnership continues, and we’re delighted to work with KCS as it continues to support schools and families in closing the digital divide.’

Laptops for All continues to seek donations of new and used devices to further its mission. The initiative actively raises awareness and garners support through local, regional, and national media outlets.

KCS encourages other organisations and individuals to support Laptops for All or similar institutions to help equip the next generation with the tools necessary for success in a digital world.


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