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Control your Cash and Margin levels effectively

Concentrate on providing the customers with the best service to ensure they return time and again to purchase from you.

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Monitor Your Business’ Cash and Margin Control

Ensuring your business is working as efficiently as possible will have the greatest impact on the bottom line if you have control and visibility over your cash flow and profit margins.

In order to keep your cash flow moving in the most appropriate direction, there are software solutions available that can handle all the data you would require within a modular integrated system.

K8 Supply Chain Management supports Margin Control

The K8 supply chain management software covers a myriad of management solutions and forms a cornerstone for any distribution based organisation. Within the package are aspects covering stock management, warehouse management, sales order processing, Electronic Data Interchange, business intelligence and eCommerce, as well as purchase order control. These varied but fully integrating modules can be tailored specifically to benefit your business and its individual needs.

K8 Purchase Order Processing focuses on supplier efficiency

With particular emphasis on cash flow and margins, the K8 purchase order processing software focuses on controlling stock levels, helping to ensure you have the supply to meet demands at all times. It also allows you to follow any seasonal trends that may have become apparent. Using a system such as K8 purchase order processing software ensures forecasting accuracy and reliability. You can manipulate stock levels through the business to avoid over stocking on any given item while maintaining your optimum margins.

K8 provides you with complete purchasing control and visibility. Reporting is up to the minute and provides clarity on the business whenever required.

K8 Sales Order Processing identifies optimum Profit Margins

The K8 sales order processing module also provides fast and accurate data to underpin the customer experience. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, staff can advise customers on availability, despatch and delivery schedules, all of which is invaluable information. Full integration between the K8 warehouse management system for product picking, despatch and delivery systems will also ensure efficiencies within the business.

The K8 System will provide fast and accurate information to ensure you have all the efficiencies possible to keep your cash flow and profit margins optimised. With suppliers, partners and sales data identified, your business can concentrate on providing the customers with the best service to ensure they return time and again to purchase from you.

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