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Kuipers BMH experiences the versatility of K8

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Kuipers BMH


Customer: Kuipers BMH



Kuipers BMH (Building materials and stone) is one of few remaining independent wholesalers of building materials in the northern part of the Netherlands. Not affiliated with a specific brand or a specific buying organisation, but simply operating from one’s own extensive experience and knowledge in this industry.

Two linked software applications, an accounting software system and an order processing application, had to make way for K8 Babbage of Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS). Kuipers had now been working with the ERP solutions of KCS for almost a year.

“We were in search of a total package which would allow us to choose what functionalities we would or would not be using. Often you will find a basic system with the possibility to keep adding and paying for additional modules. We wanted to be able to choose what we want to use.” (Jan Kuiper – Kuipers BMH).

Kuipers BMH has the ambition to hold a large and accurate range of stock available in each branch, ready for customers operating in the professional building industry. The trading company established in 1998 has grown into an organization of around 60 employees and operates from multiple locations spread throughout Overijssel, Drenthe and Groningen.

Gains and benefits

  • More efficient inventory management, including inter-branch orders
  • Time savings order fulfilment
  • Better and faster insight in debtors
  • Improved access to company wide information

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We now have better insight into stock, sales and the financial handling of the sales orders. For example, with the help of a few keyboard shortcuts the average takeaway order has now become a lot easier; ten enters less are needed for the same process.

- Rob Kamp, Kuipers BMH


Our Sustainability Policy

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