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Devant Designs hopes to cut manual processes by 40% with K8 Trader

Devant Designs

“It was the breadth of functionality offered by K8 Trader that made it appealing.”

Dene Evans, Partner, Devant Designs

Devant Designs, a family-run tile supplier based in Hereford, is expecting to benefit from considerable time savings across its business with the implementation of K8 Trader. The 35-year-oldcompany identified that the manual processes it previously relied upon were no longer sustainable, so went in search of ERP software with sector-specific functionality to automate its core business functions.

Partner Dene Evans explained that it was the flexibility of K8 Trader, and Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS’) strong reputation in the market, that made it stand out from other ERP software. “There’s a lot of options out there, but it was important for us to choose a product from a company that’s familiar with our industry.”

It was the breadth of functionality offered by K8 Trader that made it appealing. “The software will cover simple things such as descriptions and stock numbers, right through to the size of the product, quantities per box and how this relates to the square meterage – everything is already programmed for us so once the data has been uploaded, it’s ready to go” Dene noted.

The company has also opted to source its hardware from KCS. This way, Devant Designs can rest assured that its new ERP system will be compatible, and that any issues that arise will be swiftly handled by KCS. It also meant the business owners haven’t invested valuable hours in researching the right hardware for their needs.

In fact, time savings are one of the main reasons Devant Designs needed a new ERP system. Many processes are currently being carried out manually, but by automating core areas of the business, Dene believes they can cut down on human error, improve efficiency and ultimately provide even better levels of customer service. Over-the-counter sales and account invoicing are just two areas where this will be most prominent in the early days of using the software.

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