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Partnerships & integrations

At Kerridge Commercial Systems, we develop and deliver innovative business solutions for the distributive trades, along with the automotive and rental markets. Our solutions help our customers source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably, and service competitively. That way, they can make more profitable business decisions quickly whilst delivering top-quality service to their customers at the same time.

The KCS Alliance Partner Program succeeds because of its strong alliances. The foundation is built on a clear product synergy and a ‘best of class’ value proposition. These values mean we offer solutions through a selected network we know and trust. This base makes us proud because it helps us deliver our innovative range of software and services that drive our customers’ success.

By working with like-minded ISVs and providers in this manner, we deliver an outstanding service. At KCS, we’re committed to improving our customers’ position in our shared market space. It’s our ethos to help them grow their business in their own way.

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