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Drive your business forward with K8

Digitize your business with K8, a sophisticated and intuitive cloud-based ERP and business management solution that enables you to manage all aspects of your business, and fully supports your digital strategy.

Adopted globally by a wide range of businesses, K8 is a scalable ERP solution designed to help your business grow. Whether you are operating your business from a single site or have an expanding company with several distribution centers, K8 can be configured the way you need for your business.

Everything you need to manage your distribution business

K8 from KCS gives you financial performance & analysis at your fingertips

Financial performance and analysis at your fingertips

Consolidate your business finances, lower costs and reduce paperwork with the latest version of K8. The solid digital platform gives you access to high-level management information, and the option to drilldown into detailed transactions.

  • Full support to manage your debt, credit, cash and other resources from one central ERP solution.
  • Quick access to customer and financial information needed to chase outstanding debt.
K8 from KCS equips you with quotation features that help you win business.

Quotations – be sure you win that new business

Streamline your sales process with fast, accurate and professional quotes. Minimize paperwork, reduce waste, and eliminate manual errors by utilizing the latest functionality in K8 – your future-proof platform that delivers a great experience.

  • Raise multiple quotes against a single job or contract, with easy access to inventory availability, and monitor conversions.
  • Track all your quotation activities and be notified of quotations due to expire so they can be followed up on efficiently.

Third party integrations

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It's very rewarding knowing you have a tool that makes so many people happy. Our KCS software and integrations make peoples’ jobs easier because they have all the information they need – all in the same place.

Randy Scott, ERP Manager at Tom Duffy

Gain efficiencies and optimize your warehouse management with K8 from KCS

Gain efficiencies and optimize warehouse management

K8 is your answer to a more streamlined warehouse. Optimize your available space and manage the entire pick process, bringing down costs and ensuring the accuracy of what you are delivering to your customers.

  • Speed up the process and send your quotes out online for customer approval.
  • Share a unique link with your client where they can accept, decline, view, download and comment.
  • Amend and re-send as you need to while on the move.
Become more competitive and profitable in the digital age with K8 from KCS

Become more competitive and profitable in the digital age

Discover a wide range of solutions K8 offers to support your digital strategy now and in the future. Whether it’s opening up a new route to market or streamlining core processes through the use of innovative apps, we’re here to help your business thrive.

  • Open new channels to market and make your business available to customers 24/7 with an e-commerce solution.
  • Connect K8 with popular marketplaces to give your customers even greater choice and flexibility.

Want to learn what we can do for your business?

K8 is ERP software that helps you deliver your sales commitments with ease

Deliver your sales commitments with ease

Deliver what you’ve promised to your customers on time, every time. From simple reservations through to inventory transfers and back-to-back processes, K8 gives you all the tools you need to deliver great customer service.

  • Full visibility of inventory availability so you can commit to a delivery with confidence.
  • Easy to read traffic light system for displaying inventory availability.
Profitably manage your rebate performance with simplicity and scalability.

Manage your rebate performance with simplicity and scalability

K8 offers full control over your rebate strategy. The powerful rebate capabilities will give you complete flexibility when managing and customizing different agreements through your ERP solution.

  • Keep on top of financial performance with comprehensive control and analysis purchase rebates and Special Price Agreements (SPAs)
  • Powerful customer rebates tracking, which also impacts margin, ensures that you retain tight control over profit margins at all times.

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Other popular features that can further improve your business processes

Support your digital strategy

Get trading online and open up new channels to market quickly and easily with K8. Use a fully-integrated solution, connect with marketplaces, or opt for a third-party provider.

Gain efficiencies with mobile apps

Digitize your processes and deliver on great customer service with a range of apps. From proof of delivery, to picking and receiving, K8 has everything you need to automate your core business functions.

Empower your staff

Business intelligence is made easy with K8. Access all the reporting tools you need in one centralized, yet customizable system to help better inform your decisions and track progress against your KPIs.

Automate your invoice processing

EZAP is a future-proof digital app that allows you to manage your cashbook and invoices. Fully integrated with K8, it directly captures information from digital documents and automatically populates customer fields in your ERP.

Discover powerful quotations

Streamline your sales process while minimizing paperwork and reducing waste. K8 now enables you to accurately and professionally create quotations, and reserve inventory against them with just a few clicks.

Optimize your warehouse management

K8 is your answer to a more streamlined warehouse. Optimize your available space and manage the entire pick process, bringing down costs and ensure the accuracy of what you deliver to your customers.

Easily analyze your finances

Access financial information quickly and easily, giving you full control over your finances while helping you identify which areas of your business need the greatest attention. Manage permission settings to aid collections.

Digitize your delivery management

Meet and exceed your customers’ delivery expectations with K8. The ERP solution brings together all the information you need into a central location, allowing for effective planning across your entire branch network.

Make rebate management simple

Gain complete flexibility when managing and customizing different rebate agreements through K8. Make sure you are claiming the correct amount from your suppliers and maximize profits at every available opportunity.

Meet your sales commitments

K8 gives you all the tools you need to deliver great customer service without compromising your margins. It’s easy to transfer stock between branches, and an easy-to-read traffic light system shows which branch is best placed to fulfill an order.

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