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Back-office business management system

VAST Multi-Store is a comprehensive back-office business management system designed for multi-location auto service centers and tire dealers that facilitates centralized control and monitoring of widely distributed shop management systems. It enables data to be replicated from stores to a central server throughout the day, providing up-to-date information on transactions, inventory, employee performance, and other key metrics.

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Everything you need to manage your automotive business

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Harness the power of KPI reporting and centralized business management

VAST Multi-Store offers timely and accurate central reporting of KPI data across all stores. It enables you to quickly identify shortfalls in sales or profit goals and compare performance between stores. Also, central management of core business functions, such as pricing, discounts, payment terms, and credit limits, gives you greater control over your performance and helps to minimize human error at individual stores.

  • Instant access to KPI information dramatically reduces the time you need to gather, consolidate and analyze store performance data – giving you more time to dedicate to core enterprise management.
  • Track employee hours through a time clock and monitor the effectiveness of enterprise-wide campaigns and promotions to measure ROI across the business.

We saw an immediate improvement to our profit margins as a result of VAST’s pricing matrixes. Also, the declined services feature has helped us increase the trust we have with our customers by keeping track of all services needed to maintain their vehicles.

Joseph Zaccheo, CFO of Sullivan Tire & Auto Service

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Achieve consistent pricing and service levels company-wide

VAST Multi-Store provides the tools you need to ensure that customers in all stores get consistent pricing and service levels. Centrally execute company-wide changes to prices and products and various maintenance functions to avoid repetition.

  • Controlled access to the back-office systems of all stores allows you to set budgets, targets, and sales objectives for each store.
  • Look up customer histories centrally and create unique messages to display on the screen when the customer brings their vehicle in for service.

Third party integrations

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Phocas offers solutions for analytics, budgeting and forecasting, and financial statements that work seamlessly together to help businesses report, budget, and act faster by putting data in the hands of decision-makers.

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CARFAX helps service shops attract more customers with free advertising and better serve customers with time-saving tools, including instant plate-to-VIN decoders and access to complete vehicle history information.

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Enhanced purchasing and inventory management

The VAST Multi-Store purchasing module helps significantly reduce the cost of goods purchased in your tire and service business. It considers overstock items recommended for transfer, buys designated products from least-cost vendors, and connects to suppliers for electronic transmission.

  • Manage your inventory based on sales history, automatically adjusting your optimum stocking levels to maximize inventory redistribution and minimize external purchasing.
  • Real-time data lets you view multi-location inventory at each store and the back office.
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Keep a constant pulse on your financials

VAST Multi-Store accounting capabilities simplify your financial management, maintenance, and administration, improving communication between all levels of your business. A consolidated accounts receivable system supports fleet, commercial, wholesale, and various house accounts.

  • Ensure that all users across distribution centers have access to the financial information they need to maximize profitability, implement corporate policy and achieve business goals.
  • Fully integrated ledgers provide seamless and accurate data reporting, from customer invoicing to profit and loss accounts.

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Other features that improve your processes

Real-time data replication

Real-time data replication from stores to central servers provides up-to-date information about daily transactions occurring in shop locations.

Comparative reporting

You can run comparative reports on part/labor sales and costs, tire units/sales/margins, average repair orders, and other KPIs to improve fiscal management.

Ad hoc report writer

Gives an owner or IT manager powerful access to all information in the database for highly customized queries and reports or data export/import into Microsoft Excel.

Customer-specific rules

Set customer-specific rules for data capture, credit limits to prevent unauthorized house charges, and variable payment terms.

Centrally controlled budget & sales objectives

Centrally establish budgets and key product sales objectives for each store, with both store and back-office monitoring of results vs. goals.

Real-time transfers

Real-time generation of transfer transactions to move parts and tires within your enterprise and avoid costly buyouts.

Consolidated accounts receivable

The consolidated accounts receivable system supports fleet, commercial, wholesale, and various house accounts tied to VAST Multi-Store for credit authorizations and ROA.

Integrated outside purchase orders & vendor data

Outside purchase order costs and vendor data seamlessly flow from the electronic supplier transaction at the store level into VAST Multi-Store for audit.

Solutions & resources

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