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Sales Intelligence & CRM

Accessible anywhere via the cloud on a tablet, smartphone, or PC, Vecta Sales Intelligence (SI) and CRM uniquely transform information hidden within your business data, enabling a truly mobile and informed sales environment. It uses easily actionable sales analysis, personalized alerts, and live activity logging to drive actions and results, empowering individual users and removing reliance upon IT or finance support.

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Drive business growth and profitability in one simple step

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A complete picture of sales, profitability and opportunities

With consistent contact data and accurate spend analysis guaranteed, the immediate visibility of your customers and a 'suggested sales' activity dashboard make every day more productive.

Vecta's Business Intelligence tool delivers outstanding sales results, often described by salespeople and managers as their 'online business Bible' - it really is the ultimate sales rep management software.

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Enhance sales team productivity and achieve targets every time

Equip your salespeople with the right tools to improve efficiency, boost territory results, and consistently hit targets.

Customizable alerts help prompt you to opportunities, exceptions, and customer drift before it's too late. Take advantage of instant gap analysis and fast, effective call preparation and customer review.

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Sell more on every call

Completely integrated with powerful sales analytics, Vecta manages customer sales and contact information in one place giving your telesales team relevant information instantly, showing them who to call and what to talk about on one screen.

Ensuring effective use of time with focused customer calls, Vecta maximizes sales results and minimizes lost revenue - your team always has access to the full range of customer information as they need it.

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Sales actions straight to your device

Powerful yet simple to use, Vecta's sales management and sales acceleration software is a tool that provides the instant visual overview of your sales operation that every salesperson needs. Drill down into the details of untapped sales opportunities - wherever or whenever you need to work on them.

Easily discover, track, and manage new and linked sales opportunities and analyze margins and spend patterns, all whilst you're out there in the field. This integrated Sales CRM and analytics application gives your team the most effective sales planning tool for sales growth and improved margins.

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