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Plumbing software for a smooth and profitable business system

In today's world, due to the rising costs of energy and materials, it is paramount for plumbing and heating merchants to adopt innovative solutions to become more efficient. At Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), we understand this need and have developed state-of-the-art plumbing software that can help you streamline your operations and eliminate any potential blockages. Therefore, if you're a successful plumbing and heating merchant who wants to digitize, our integrated, cloud-based software is the perfect solution for you.

The plumbing software from KCS helps maximize sales.

Maximize sales with the right alternatives and kits

Our software is designed to provide powerful functionality that suggests alternative products for any items that may be discontinued or out of stock. With product comparison data available on the screen, both customers and users can easily access all the necessary information to make the right choices. Plus, you can create your own customized kits on the go, which could save you a lot of time by bundling all the necessary parts for customers to achieve a successful outcome.

  • Reduce a one-hundred product order down to a single line via the creation of a custom kit.
  • Include question prompts and create bespoke kits for your customers, helping you capture more sales and improve service.
Plumbing distributors can use KCS software to for comprehensive batch control.

See, track & control every batch

It is crucial to ensure that plumbing and heating products with batch numbers are sold along with accurate test certificates. With our software, you can avoid the hassle and cost of manual administration, as it automatically tracks these items. This enables you to allocate your staff resources where they are most needed and focus on running your business smoothly.

  • Receive automatic prompts that notify you about any missing certificates or files.
  • Know what products belong to which batches, so you can always see an item controlled by background batch controls.
Avoid the pain of over or understocking with the cloud-based plumbing software from KCS.

Avoid the pain of over and under-stocking

It is crucial to sell batch-numbered plumbing and heating products with the appropriate test certificates. Our software automates the process of tracking these items, which eliminates the need for manual administration, saving you time and money. This will allow you to allocate your staff resources to other essential areas and focus on running your business.

  • Receive automatic prompts that notify you about any missing certificates or files.
  • See what products belong to which batches, so you can examine any item controlled by background batch controls.
Manage rebates profitably with the cloud-based plumbing software from KCS.

Protect profits with effective rebate management

Rebates can vary and are an important aspect of trading with plumbing suppliers. Whether it's a rebate based on your purchases over a certain time period or a spot rebate for a specific bid or project, our software simplifies the claiming process so that you can protect your margins and get what you're owed.

  • Easily calculate the cost of storing items vs the benefits of the rebate with automatic and accurate calculations.
  • Control user permissions and access, so you can manage who has visibility of rebate schedules.
KCS North America delivers plumbing software that adds enquiries and quotations that aid your sales processes..

Enquiries & quotations that add power to your sales process

To help you maximize sales further, turn plumbing supply inquiries into quotes and orders. And this can all happen with the stroke of a key. Using the powerful search functionality, you’re able to swiftly analyze your stock for all of the above.

  • Access sales history quickly and see your customer’s enquiry about previous quotes or orders.
  • Negotiate the best deal while staying in the black with prices that dynamically update with your new profit margin.
The KCS plumbing software enables North American business to optimize their warehouse operations.

Enhance your warehouse operations

A streamlined warehouse is the hub of an effective plumbing merchant business, both at HQ and across every branch. That’s why our software and hand-held devices give you all the tools to run an optimal operation that can handle more orders and reach more customers across North America and beyond. 

  • From receipts to put-away, through picking, packing, and despatch, you can manage all distribution activities.
  • Integrate all parts of your business management system and know the location and status of every unit.
KCS plumbing software gives North American businesses accurate and instant visibility.

Accurate visibility across all departments

It's understandable that no one wants to spend their time filling in spreadsheets when they could be using that time to trade. As your plumbing business grows, it's essential to maintain efficiency. Our software can help you with that. From accessing existing stock information to checking the availability of parts and everything in between, our software keeps everyone up to date in real-time.

  • From sales to warehouse stock positions, purchase commitments (and more), you have 360-degree visibility to track performance.
  • Real-time reporting also means it’s easy to see what works and to roll those improvements out across all business areas.
The plumbing software from KCS equips users with a CRM suite for improved customer relations.

Develop trust & build customer confidence

Our software enables you to receive orders from your customers via phone, email, or Internet, regardless of the sector you operate in. With an integrated CRM suite that offers a comprehensive level of detail, you have all the necessary tools to build strong relationships and increase sales.

  • Record every piece of customer information to tailor their buying experience at any stage of the journey.
  • Review and improve your service while delivering customized campaigns and personalized incentives as required.

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