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Digital vehicle inspections (DVI)

Enhance your service to customers and maximize sales opportunities at the same time. Our DVI solution fully integrates with our complete range of business management software, so you can increase customer revenue while still offering an unbeatable service.

DVI can help increase your average repair order by 22%!

DVI can help increase your average repair order by 22%!

User-friendly software can be used on all smart devices to take photos and complete vehicle inspection checklists, closing the communication gap between the service bay and the vehicle owner. When customers are clued in on their car’s service, it’s easy for them to say yes to necessary repairs, which can increase your shop’s average repair order.

What are the benefits to your business?

Identify sales


Protect against
damage claims

Increase average
repair order

Optimize shop
performance & productivity

What are DVIs (digital vehicle inspections)?

Digital vehicle inspections (DVI) are inspections performed by technicians using a tablet device to record the results, and they replace the traditional method of using paper inspection sheets. DVIs let you manage your checklist, add comments along with estimates, attach photos and video, and give you the ability to text or email the report straight to the customer with a click of a button.

The main benefits of implementing DVI into your workshop are listed below:

Problems with paper

Digitalizing your vehicle inspections eliminates paper and print problems.

Custom reports

Workshops can create a full multi-point inspection template that provides consistent quality reports enabling technicians to improve productivity.

Easy navigation

The workshop can build its own inspection reports by using simple built-in templates which provide consistent, professional-quality checklists that are easy to understand and navigate.

Pictures and videos

Digital images and high-resolution videos completely change the customer experience and reduce the customer time in the shop.

Digital vehicle inspections software

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