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Cloud solutions

Translate your technician’s inspection findings into clear recommendations for your customers, so they feel empowered to make educated decisions quickly. Increase average repair orders and build trust with detailed DVI reports sent directly to their smart devices.

The hosted solutions from KCS help you simplify your IT.

Hosted solutions

Our hosted cloud solutions allow you to simplify your IT and achieve tangible cost savings. Rather than buying and installing software upfront, our hosted solutions will enable you to rent our business management software and ERP software on a flexible per-user basis. In addition, instead of purchasing and maintaining expensive servers on your own premises, your local system connects to a state-of-the-art data center utilizing a robust, enterprise-grade network.

KCS solutions integrate and manage a whole range of business processes and tasks, including:

Remote backup &


Low start-up


Managed virtual


Affordable per
user rental


Secure data

Scale your hardware and software infrastructure easily with KCS SaaS and cloud-based services.

Simplicity, security, and economy

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach gives you the same functionality as our traditional software without the cost and time investments of overseeing your server infrastructure. When necessary, we will update your software, maintain your server hardware, and ensure that your data is securely stored and backed up, leaving you free to focus on running your business.

What is a cloud solution?

Need a quick definition of cloud computing? Cloud computing is the delivery of hosted services over the internet rather than hosting them in-house (your own premises). If you’re wondering about the benefits of using cloud computing software, here are the basics. Cloud computing:

Removes the costs and risks of managing in-house servers

Unlike on-premise solutions, there are no big up-front capital costs. Instead, users typically pay by the month or user and only pay for the resources they require as a business. Cloud computing reduces capital outlay with predictable operational costs.

Ensures a secure, resilient environment for critical systems

With cloud computing software, you don’t have to create back-ups or deal with computer breakdowns. Your team can save files automatically to the cloud, and employees can use their personal computers and handheld devices to gain access to securely stored data.

Provides user access from any of your locations, 24/7

The cloud is everywhere, so you can connect to your remote cloud-based server wherever you are. Be that in the warehouse, depot, or your home or customer’s address. As a result, your staff can enjoy full flexibility in how they work, increasing overall productivity.

Scalable from 5 to 10,000 users to suit your business

Over time, your computing capabilities need to increase and decrease for various reasons. Depending on your requirements, you can scale more easily with the cloud. For example, new users and extra storage capacity are simply added to your plan and added instantly.

It's easier to comply with government regulations

As a business, there are many rules and regulations that you must adhere to (like the data protection laws of GDPR, for example.) When running IT systems for yourself, the responsibility lies with you. But with cloud computing, we manage all this for you.

It allows you to focus on running your business

Monitoring your IT systems on-site is time-consuming and expensive when you have a business to run. A cloud service provider takes this inconvenience away from you and uses their skills and experience to keep your IT infrastructure working smoothly.

Cloud solution software

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