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About us

Our mission is simple: to design and deliver high-performance, integrated ERP solutions that enable our customers to source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably and service competitively.

Business background

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) provides specialized software, services, and support to deliver fully integrated trading and business management solutions to distribution, automotive and rental companies worldwide.

With a unique depth of knowledge and experience, our wide range of clients includes wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers, from small dealers to multinational enterprises.

Why us

Our solutions have been designed around the way wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers actually work: they are not adapted from generic products.

Our unrivalled knowledge of your sector is based on over 40 years of experience. In addition, we have supported many of our customers for over a decade, sharing experiences as their companies and markets have evolved so we can understand their challenges.

Our passion is to give customers a competitive advantage in their incredibly competitive world. We do this by providing flexible, industry-specific solutions, software, technology, advice, guidance, experience, and expertise built over 40 years of servicing their specific market. Excellent software solutions don't happen without great people. We have the best software solutions for our market because we have the best people.

Ian Bendelow – Chief Executive Officer

We are here to provide you with the best software solution

Source effectively

Your business performance depends on product quality, price, differentiation, and availability. Therefore, sourcing the right product at the best price is vital to attaining improved sales, higher profit margins, and excellent service across your supply chain.

Stock efficiently

Maintaining optimal stock levels can reduce handling costs and ensure economical transportation. However, such efficiency is only possible with software that helps you manage your inventory with clear visibility of supply and demand levels.

Sell profitably

Sometimes, there's no need to create or add new products. Instead, businesses can sell more products to customers by opening more routes to market. And by selling through multiple at once, you can take advantage of new and massive business opportunities.

Service competitively

Competition for the same customers is tough, so you must differentiate. But that can't be on price. To stand out, you need quality products at keen prices and outstanding customer support. All of that and more is possible with our ERP systems.

We enjoy working with our customers...and the feeling's mutual.

KCS provides specialized software, services, and support to deliver fully integrated business management software solutions to clients, including wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers from small to large enterprises.

Our values

KCS has developed our values and employees' ideas, feedback, and opinions. These values tell you what we think is important, support us in decision-making processes, and in building recruitment and retention tools to attract and retain the right people.

We make a difference

We all have a part to play.

We all have a part to play.

We learn and grow.

We work as a team

We are supportive of each other.

We respect and value others.

We build collaborative relationships.

We are customer focussed

We do what is right for the customer.

We add value.

We manage expectations.

We seek constant improvement

We share ideas.

We strive to be more effective & efficient.

We encourage creativity and innovation.

We communicate effectively

We tell it like it is.

We value constructive feedback.

We share our knowledge.

M.A.D. Awards

We value employees' hard work and contributions.

We seek to recognize those who make a difference.

We award them for their commitment to our values.

Services we provide

  • Professional

  • Support

  • Business

  • Hardware

  • eLearning

  • Cloud

Consultancy services

Delivering a world-class solution for your business requires knowledgeable and experienced people. Our dedicated team of professional project managers and consultants have extensive knowledge and experience to deliver expert project management services.

Read more about our consultancy services

Support services

Our team of experienced technical and application analysts can provide assistance with problems and questions relating directly to data processing, software operation, functionality or changes. We offer professional IT service desk support at whatever level your business needs to optimize efficiency across its operations.

Read more about our support services

Business continuity

Business continuity planning is key to continued, efficient business operations in the digital age. A cybersecurity breach, network shutdown, or other unplanned IT disaster can severely impact your productivity and profitability without having business continuity software to help your organization bounce back faster after the unexpected happens.

Read more about our business continuity services

Hardware services

Computer systems are a fundamental part of every business operation, but they also require resources, time and skills to manage. By outsourcing your hardware provision to our experienced staff, you can save costs and leave it to our experts to supply and support the right hardware for your IT systems.

Read more about our hardware services

eLearning resources

Our eLearning resource allows users to access high-quality training material via the internet at a time that best suits them.

Read more about our eLearning services

Cloud computing

Although our software is reliable, easy to understand and use, we recognize that customers will need support after we have completed the installation.

Read more about our cloud computing services

Kerridge Commercial Systems at a glance

45 years

Industry experience

8.9 years

Average length of service


Customers worldwide


of employees have over 15 years of service




growth in employee numbers since 2018

Building strong partnerships

At KCS, we believe our customers deserve the best, which includes unparalleled third-party integrations that enhance the value of their products. That's why we take pride in collaborating with business technology partners who are the best in their class. Thanks to their exceptional service and extensive knowledge, our customers benefit from a world-class solution for their industry. In turn, we assist our partners in their growth and show our appreciation for their investment in our future.

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Kerridge Commercial Systems prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer and being open and transparent in respect of how we operate and do business.

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Learn more about the highly experienced team that guides our vision, shapes our strategy and inspires our people to enable us to deliver innovative and comprehensive business solutions for the distributive trades.

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We know how busy you are when you are running your business. That is why we offer a number of ways in which we can reduce your workload.

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