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Driving better decisions through data and analytics

Uncover hidden profit opportunities and dive into your data with Torqata.

We offer a full suite of data-driven software tools for pricing, inventory management, and sales insights designed to streamline operations and reduce stale inventory.

  • Stock the right inventory based on actual market demand.

  • Benchmark your prices with the region for unbeatable positioning.

  • Discover hidden opportunities to maximize profits.

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Achieve a 360-degree business view and eliminate your blind spots.

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Pricing Insights     

  • See where you stack up against big-box retailers, e-commerce, local, and regional competition without making phone calls. 

  • Understand if you are underpriced or overpriced on each SKU so you can create a better pricing strategy, leaving no dollar on the table.

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Profit Optimization

  • Maximize profit by leveraging backend rebates and incentive programs
  • Realize shifts in demand early enough to pivot

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Inventory optimization

  • Achieve market coverage with your most profitable inventory
  • Eliminate unnecessary stock and focus on brands and sizes that the market demands

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Smart ordering

  • Quickly respond to the market by using data and analytics tailored to your area
  • Make replenishment easy with Smart Order, eliminating paperwork and saving you time

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A sophisticated point of sale and business management system designed for both single and multi-location tire dealers and auto service shops.

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