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Business intelligence & analytics software

Access all the information you need to aid strategic decision-making and react quickly to customer needs through a range of business intelligence and analytics tools. Get insight into sales, operational, and financial information that will help you make sound business decisions - all with just a few clicks.

The fast and intuitive BI tools from KCS helps you see where to make improvements

Increase sales, reduce costs, eliminate guesswork

Make the existing data in your current ERP system easy to access, understand, and act on with Phocas. Turn your insights into real intelligence!

Allow your users to self-serve with this highly intuitive yet powerful solution that empowers you to share insights across your business.

  • Customer, product, and financial data in one place.
  • Analytics for wholesale, distribution, retail, and manufacturing.
  • Optimized for use with KCS business ERP solutions.

The consistency and the way that the data is processed through Phocas is tremendous. It is so thorough, and because it presents it in such a clear way, it means we can mine into it deeply.

Randy Scott, ERP Manager at Tom Duffy

Maximise your sales potential with KCS BI tools

Achieve your sales potential

Give your sales teams the tools they need to achieve their targets every time with Vecta’s personalized and informative dashboards.

Instantly see your sales performance, opportunities, and customers wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Drive business growth and profitability.
  • Gain a complete overview of sales, profits, and opportunities.
  • Enhance your sales team’s productivity and performance.

Drive results: extended planning meets business intelligence


Increase in sales via
new opportunities


Increase in reporting


Decrease in report
requests to IT


Decrease in
administration costs


Reduction in inventory
holding costs

Empower your branch managers to make better decisions with KCS BI tools.

Powerful insights for your branch managers

Monitor your business performance using real-time, accurate information and generate reports to give an extensive overview of your operations.

Access all the reporting tools you need from K8, a centralized, customizable ERP system that helps better inform your decisions.

  • Monitor your KPIs and track progress.
  • Drill down into specific data.
  • Reporting dashboards for key areas of your business - management, finance, and director level.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) uses software to convert reams of information into bite-sized insights to inform decision-making. The software receives data from a company’s ERP system and other data sets via a sync tool or API. The BI tool then analyzes the data sets and presents findings in reports and dashboards.

Use in any industry or department

BI reporting can be customized to meet your needs and provide the actionable intelligence you need to improve your performance.

Cost optimization

Managers can measure costs and savings while eliminating bottlenecks and improving efficiencies.

Confidence in decision-making

BI reporting eliminates the need to depend on intuition alone. Instead, BI reporting enables stakeholders to quickly make decisions and set actionable milestones informed by the facts.

Instant reporting

BI dashboards are intuitive and visual. As a result, they enable you to spot trends and easily discover game-changing insights.

Business intelligence & analytics software

Discover our BI & analytics products

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Phocas is a software provider committed to helping people feel good about using data. Phocas offers solutions for analytics, budgeting and forecasting, and financial statements.

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Accessible anywhere via the Cloud on tablets, smartphones, or PC, Vecta Sales Intelligence (SI) & CRM uniquely transform information hidden within your business data, enabling a truly mobile and informed sales environment.

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