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Tires and servicing software that equips you for success

Running a busy auto service shop or tire dealer is a hands-on job that leaves little time for essential business administration, schedule management, and accounting tasks. Your priority is delivering high service levels to keep customers returning while maintaining a profitable business and maximizing staff productivity.

If you’re feeling the pressure of juggling so many priorities, the comprehensive functionality of Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) solutions can streamline your operations. The end result is software that helps you run a more efficient and profitable business in all areas.

Enhance your business performance with KCS tire and servicing software.

Enhance your business performance

The comprehensive functionality and intelligent business management systems on offer from KCS can transform your tire & servicing industry business for the better.

  • Automate everyday tasks, from generating quotes and invoices to maintaining service records and managing your schedule.
  • Integrated warehouse management software tracks stock movements, optimizing your goods flow and inventory management.
  • Capture up-sell opportunities with package jobs, complete factory maintenance services, and automate shop supply, disposal, and environmental fees.

With KCS, not only have our margins improved but we also have greater fail-safes in place now for our service advisors and everybody we train. This gives us greater confidence in providing the best customer service to our clients.

Rob East, General Manager of Bubba's Tire Center

Fully optimize all areas of your business with KCS North America.

Optimize your time, manpower, and resources

KCS offers powerful business management software that coordinates, organizes, and integrates everything from pricing and stock management to accounting and customer database management. In addition, workshop management systems help to automate everyday tasks, from generating quotes and invoices to maintaining service records and managing your schedule.

  • Assortment of easy-to-use estimating tools to increase average profit for repair orders, ensure consistent pricing, and achieve desired margins.
  • Create customized training scripts that guide the associate through the proper telephone technique and tire-selling process.
  • Integrated parts catalog and labor guide speed up the estimating process and ensure accurate and profitable jobs.
The tire & servicing software from KCS helps you maximize profit margins.

Maximize your profit margins

Designed by tire-selling professionals who recognize the difference between giving quick quotes on the phone to encourage a visit versus the in-store process of offering the right tire based on the customer’s driving habits and performance criteria, our software helps you maximize profit margins by selling the right tire.

  • Access over one hundred standardized and customizable reports and graphs covering all aspects of an auto service and tire business.
  • Improve profits by taking advantage of discounts offered by many national and local suppliers by doing hot shots and stock orders from within your business management system.
  • Earn customer loyalty and repeat business by offering the most efficient and convenient service.

Our ability to generate a timely work order for a customer has made a huge difference in our production. We also have a much better handle now on our cost of goods with VAST.

John Keeley, General Manager & Co-owner of Brex Inc.

Working closely with customers in tires & servicing

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Products for tires & servicing

Vast Online logo

Cloud-hosted, browser-based point-of-sale software for single and multi-location tire dealers and auto service shops.

Key features:

  • Modern user interface
  • Easy-to-use estimating tools
  • Unique tire feature/benefit sales system
  • Seamless connection to part & tire suppliers
  • Seamless connectivity to e-commerce solutions
Learn more about VAST Online
Vast Retail logo

A sophisticated point of sale and business management system designed for both single and multi-location tire dealers and auto service shops.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use estimating tools
  • Unique tire feature/benefit sales system
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Integrated parts catalog & labor guide
  • Integrates seamlessly with e-commerce solutions
Learn more about VAST Retail
Vast Commerce logo

A suite of data products — catalog, labor, specifications, and tire data — as well as connectivity solutions that enable businesses to collaborate and transact online with greater efficiency.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Simplified product search
  • VIN, interchange, and buyers guide
  • Eliminates monthly data maintenance
  • Configurable product categories and sub-categories
Learn more about VAST Commerce
Vast Multistore logo

A comprehensive back-office business management system designed for multi-location auto service centers and tire dealers.

Key features:

  • Purchasing & inventory are managed centrally
  • Performance data is easily accessed
  • Central reporting of KPI data - across all stores
  • Central management of core functions
  • Simplify financial management, maintenance & admin
Learn more about VAST Multi-Store
Vast Wholesale logo

An order-entry system specifically designed for tire wholesale dealers that offers a unique interface that facilitates quick and easy data input in a user-friendly Windows-based platform.

Key features:

  • Streamline order entry
  • Integrated shipment management system
  • Forecasting & ordering tools
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing & financial management
Learn more about VAST Wholesale

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