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The integrated digital vehicle inspection app

CarSide is a digital vehicle inspection tablet app for VAST and VAST Online that improves auto repair shop efficiency and increases reporting accuracy while protecting revenue. The app lets shops send customers a digital report of recommended repairs directly to their smartphone, including pictures and videos. It shows them exactly what the technician sees, allowing them to make an informed decision before approving needed repairs.

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What are the benefits to your business?

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Full vehicle inspections with photos and video

With CarSide, technicians perform a complete vehicle inspection using a tablet or phone instead of paper while recording the process with pictures, videos, and voice-to-text notes. Service advisors can then send the results immediately to customers on their smartphones.

  • Build trust with your customers through complete digital inspections with photos and video.
  • CarSide enables customers to see what technicians see, ensuring that Advisors can sell work easily and efficiently.
  • Repair shops using CarSide have seen an increase in their average repair order of 15% or more, which can be as much as $10,000 per month or more.
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Detailed analytics dashboard for instant insights

The key first steps to increased profits in the shop are to establish a regular process of inspecting every vehicle and then being able to monitor the progress of that process. CarSide can make these steps easier with its comprehensive analytics dashboard.

  • The analytics dashboard allows shop owners to monitor key metrics such as how many tickets were created each day, whether the tickets were inspected and if a report has been sent to the customer.
  • Associating key metrics with trends in Average Repair Order enables owners to stay on top of team member performance.
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Multi-location controls across North America

VAST Enterprise Multi-Store provides the tools you need to ensure customers in all stores get consistent pricing and service levels.

  • Centrally execute company-wide changes to prices and products and various maintenance functions to avoid repetition.
  • Controlled access to the back-office systems of all stores allows you to set budgets, targets, and sales objectives for each store.
  • Look up customer histories and create unique messages to display on the screen when the customer brings their vehicle in for service.

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